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Breakthrough joint and muscle pain relief remedy


All Natural Joint and Muscle Pain Relief:

natural-joint-pain-treatment-joint-pain-causes-knee-joint-pain-finger-joint-pain-joint-pain-reliefPAINAZONE for Muscle Pain is considered an herbal remedy for sore muscles and it acts by helping to relieve pain and inflammation and to soothe minor muscle soreness.
Troubled by joint and muscle pain? Aching joints, stiffness and decreased mobility ruining your life? Are you looking for natural joint pain relief? Finding the right joint pain relievers is very important if you have joint related problems. We all need to move to live. There are very few health conditions which can affect the quality of your life as much as arthritis or unhealthy joints.
PAINAZONE Capsule is an all natural dietary supplement that not only reduces pain and inflammation but also helps to rebuild the joint cartilage and repair the damage caused by degenerative joint disease and injuries.
PAINAZONE Capsule provides fast, long-lasting relief of muscle and joint pain resulting from arthritis, rheumatic conditions, inflammations, spasms, sports activities and everyday physical stress and strain. With breakthrough, clinically proven herbal ingredients, PAINAZONE Capsule works by helping your body relieve discomfort from within, safely and naturally. It is an effective natural remedy for those suffering from acute pain and immobilizing joint stiffness.
PAINAZONE Capsule is considered to be an effective natural remedy to health problems like arthritis, joint pains, stiffness, rheumatic disorders, neuralgia, frozen shoulder, cervical spondylitis, post operative aches and pain, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, sciatica, musculoskeletal pain, backaches, fibromyalgia, leg cramps, lumbago and other arthritic injuries.

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  • Restore cartilage and Glutathione depletion
  • Relieve arthritis pain and inflammation in the joints
  • Reduce stiffness and immovability and restore freedom of movement
  • Stimulate cells and rebuild cartilage to help in joint repair
  • Renew joint comfort and range of motion
  • Slow the process of cartilage degeneration in persons already diagnosed with arthritis
  • Protect joints from future injuries and over exertion by increasing cartilage elasticity
  • Reduce tenderness and swelling and soothe inflamed joints
  • Lubricate and condition joints and improve flexibility and mobility
  • Give more energy lasting all day and improve overall health and wellbeing
  • Natural and non-addictive alternative treatment

Sore muscles are common and may involve more than one muscle at the same time, and there are many reasons why our muscles ache from time to time. Whatever the cause, it always hurts, and that is the reason Hashmi Unani Pharmacy has combined two all-natural medicinal extracts in an herbal product called PAINAZONE for Muscle Pain. Herbal supplements that have demonstrated effective pain and inflammation relief over many centuries. Heavy exercise, minor injury, fatigue, strain and inflammation can certainly “cramp” our lifestyles when minor muscular aches and pains strike, but relief is on the way with the healthy plant extracts in PAINAZONE for Muscle Pain!
Thousands of men and women just like you have eliminated joint pain their lives by taking PAINAZONE, the leading joint pain relief supplement on market. Whether you suffer from inflamed cartilage in your joints – commonly known as arthritis – or if you simply experience unspecified pain, stiffness, or swelling, PAINAZONE can help you regain mobility, safely and naturally without the use of dangerous prescription drugs. Gone are the days where you have to use smelly ointments, hot and cold compresses or worse yet, prescription medications that create more problems than they treat!
PAINAZONE has been scientifically designed with clinically proven components to address your specific needs. We understand how joint pain can compromise your quality of life and more importantly, we understand the physical changes that your body is going through and why you suffer from joint pain. It is with this understanding that we have developed the most effective joint pain product on the market!

Within a few short days of using PAINAZONE, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Reduced joint pain, swelling and stiffness
  • Improved joint lubrication
  • Rebuild worn out and damaged cartilage
  • Increased mobility and range of motion
  • Relieve chronic pain
  • Minimize discomfort from osteoarthritis

Myofascial pain syndrome (MPS) is a fancy way to describe muscle pain. It refers to pain and inflammation in the body’s soft tissues. Myofascial pain is a chronic condition that affects the fascia (connective tissue that covers the muscles). Myofascial pain syndrome may involve either a single muscle or a muscle group.

Infectious causes of joint pain

Joint pain may arise from infectious diseases including:

  • Hepatitis
  • Influenza
  • Lyme disease
  • Measles
  • Mumps
  • Osteomyelitis (bone infection)
  • Rubella
  • Septic, or infectious, arthritis
  • Syphilis

Other joint symptoms that may occur with joint pain

Joint pain may occur with other symptoms related to the joint, including:

  • Inability to put weight on the affected joint
  • Reduced mobility (range of motion of the joint)
  • Stiffness
  • Swelling
  • Visible deformity of the affected joint

Other symptoms that may occur along with joint pain

Joint pain may accompany symptoms that may seem unrelated to the joint, including:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Aching muscles
  • Butterfly-shaped rash over bridge of nose
  • Dry mouth and skin
  • Fatigue
  • Fever not associated with flu symptoms
  • Flulike symptoms such as fever, chills, sore throat, muscle aches, and headache
  • Increased urine output
  • Rash
  • Scaly patches of skin
  • Yellow skin and eyes with dark urine output (jaundice)

Serious symptoms that might indicate a life-threatening condition

In some cases, joint pain may occur with other symptoms that might indicate a serious or life-threatening condition, such as rheumatic fever, which should be immediately evaluated in an emergency setting.
Symptoms that may indicate a serious or life-threatening condition include:

  • Bleeding from minor injuries
  • Chest pain
  • Debilitating pain
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Heart palpitations
  • High fever (higher than 101 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Muscle weakness
  • Pain in several joints with rash
  • Rapid, jerky movements
  • Redness
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Unexplained weight loss

Main Herbal Combinations Used In PAINAZONE Herbal Capsule Are:

Ingredients quantity
Zingiber officinale 100 mg
Ricinus Communis 75 mg
Cedrus Deodara 25 mg
Tinospora Cordifolia 25 mg
Nigella Sativa 25 mg
Withania Somnifera 25 mg
Colchicum Luteum 25 mg


One capsule in morning & one capsule in evening with water.

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PAINAZONE is the most complete joint health supplement available today. PAINAZONE helps reduce joint pain and stiffness with 100% all natural and safe ingredients. PAINAZONE goes way beyond simple glucosamine and chondroitin formulas with clinically substantiated ingredients that are readily bioavailable and easily absorbed. PAINAZONE multiple mechanisms of action are superior to that of all other formulas aiding overall joint health. PAINAZONE is simply the best Joint Care product.

Is PAINAZONE for me?

If you suffer from joint and cartilage pain caused by injury, years of participating in sports, aging or a chronic disease like arthritis thenPAINAZONE is exactly what you need. PAINAZONE is simply the most powerful all natural and safe solution for joint lubrication, pain relief and the rebuilding of healthy cartilage. PAINAZONE with its many mechanisms of action can give you back the lifestyle you once enjoyed.

How long does PAINAZONE take to work?

PAINAZONE may start to work immediately easing pain and lubricating joints but optimal results are usually seen after 3-4 weeks of consistent everyday usage.

Is PAINAZONE similar to the Glucosamine products we see at the local pharmacy?

Yes, in the sense that both are involved in helping the body maintain healthy joints but PAINAZONE with Bio Cell Collagen II is a concentration of many elements including glucosamine. If we consume only single elements involved in the complex process of keeping our joints and other connective tissue healthy we could only expect partial effectiveness. PAINAZONE with its full spectrum of essential elements provides broader nutritional support aiding the overall health of an individual joint.

Why is PAINAZONE the new #1 choice amongst health care professionals for easing joint pain and aiding joint health?

•All Natural and Safe.
•An excellent alternative to potentially dangerous pharmaceutical Inhibitors
•Contains the highest quality ingredients found in joint care supplementation
•The ingredients in PAINAZONE have been shown to be safe, effective and readily bioavailability in controlled published clinical studies

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I suffer from joint pain due to my osteoarthritis. I was taking Viox until it was taken off the market. My doctor did not want to prescribe another for me due to safety concerns. He suggested I try PAINAZONE, I am truly impressed with the improvement I have experienced in many of my joints over the past three months. The joint pain from osteoarthritis has improved so much that I am now making plans to travel to Italy. This would have been impossible without PAINAZONE .

Henry Leonard – U.K

I have been an avid tennis player for 23 years. I love the game, but it’s hard on my body. I have tendonitis in my knees and elbows. Many times after a tennis set I suffered tremendous pain. I used to take the usual pain relievers, but I always experienced gastrointestinal upset. Now, since I started taking PAINAZONE I no longer suffer pain or an upset stomach! I feel so much better on the tennis court, free of pain!

– Jessy Mccurdy –U.S.A

I am a retiree who is an avid gardener, painter and writer. Recently I began to suffer from arthritis. I never thought something could keep me from the pursuit of the hobbies I love, but many days my arthritis pain did. Initially I was going to ask my doctor for a prescription for a Pan killer, but then all the safety concerns were publicized. I began to take PAINAZONE and I am so grateful. It has helped me to resume enjoying my hobbies. There has been marked improvement in my ability to “get up and go”. I am able to prune shrubs, able to get back to volunteering, I feel so at ease that I can take something that is 100% safe and natural. I have even recommended it to some of my friends and they love PAINAZONE too!

Woomers Dogglers Japan

I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and have unfortunately had some bone loss as well. I have been taking PAINAZONE for the pain and stiffness associated with my rheumatoid arthritis and taking PAINAZONE for the bone loss. It amazes me how my mobility has improved and the pain has decreased. Neither my wife nor I can believe the results.

Terry Allen, California

One of my running buddies recommended PAINAZONE to me. He said it did wonders for his creaky knees. I began to take it and have noticed a tremendous improvement in my creaky knees. Now I can continue to run marathons. PAINAZONE is a real winner that has helped me get maximum results out of my training sessions.

Mathew Mazantee England

I really love your product. In the past I suffered from lower back pain, but since taking PAINAZONE I am feeling so much better. Your product is simply wonderful – I truly love it! I will definitely recommend it to my friends. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product.


Prior to taking PAINAZONE my pain was severe off and on throughout the day. Within a few days of taking PAINAZONE I felt a great deal less pain than before. I’m now able to do my stretching exercises to a point I thought I would never reach.

Paul Johnson

Purchase PAINAZONE Capsule with Confidence. Based on Scientific Clinical Research, it’s 100% Guaranteed to Work.

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