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Leucorrhoea Treatment


Leucorrhoea refers to a condition in which there is whitish discharge from the vagina or the female genitals. In Sanskrit, it is known as Sweta pradara which is formed of 2 words, sweta meaning white and pradara meaning discharge. The most common causes of this condition are vaginal infection, and hormonal and metabolic disorders.

The patient feels weak and tired. She suffers from pain in the lumbar region and calves and experiences a dragging sensation in the abdomen. Other symptoms are constipation, frequent headaches, intense itching, digestive disturbances, and painful sexual act. In chronic cases, the patient feels irritable and develops dark patches under the eyes.

leucorrhoea treatment capsuleLady Care leucorrhoea treatment capsule is Ayurvedic Medicine for Leucorrhea also known as Shwet Pradar. This leucorrhoea treatment capsulealso helps in curing Metrorrhagia also known as Rakt Pradar. Ayurveda considers Leucorrhea to be a metabolic disorders arising due to malfunctioning of basic units of life known as Dhatus. Lifestyle modalities in terms of actions and diet which alter the secretions in the body are the prime causative factors.

Lady Care leucorrhoea treatment capsule contains the perfect combination of herbs for proper ayurvedic treatment of Leucorrhea. This combination of herbs work together to help in all kind of inflammatory or infectious Leucorrhea.

Lady Care leucorrhoea treatment capsule is an Ayurvedic formulation developed specifically for patients suffering from Leucorrhoea. Apart from relieving the symptoms associated with leucorrhoea, Lady Care leucorrhoea treatment capsule also aims to improve the general health of the patient. Lady Care leucorrhoea treatment capsule is made from a balanced combination of herbs that has an astringent action on the mucus membrane of genital tract. Thus leucorrhoea treatment capsule maintains normal vaginal pH and thus controls leucorrhoea.

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