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Hard Rock Capsules are developed with an excellent combination of herbs and natural vitamins that help in curbing erectile dysfunction. When the tablet is placed inside the mouth, it gets dissolved within a matter of few minutes. Hard Rock Capsules helps in increasing the frequency and intensity of erections. It also aids in improving the sexual desire. Hard Rock Capsules are harmless and have no long term or short term limitations if you wish to continue later.
It is only Hard Rock that guarantees to overcome your sexual dysfunction in a natural & herbal way. Most doctors around the world recommend our formula because of this. Results are seen in the first 2 weeks itself & will increase with time when you begin having Hard Rock. You will definitely enjoy an active sex life with your partner without any worries about impotency by using Hard Rock on a regular basis for a whole six months.
Impotence occurs when a man fails to maintain an erect penis while having sex. Hard Rock Capsules have emerged out to be the best erectile dysfunction herbal remedies.

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Hard Rock Herbal Capsule is useful for:

  • Helps maintain sexual arousal, drive and desire
  • Gives you firmer and stronger erections
  • Improves the frequency and intensity of erections
  • Restores your sexual stamina and strength
  • Improves erectile function of the penis
  • Get Harder Erections That Last Longer
  • Promotes the formation of testosterone hormone
  • Completely Satisfy Yourself and Your Partner
  • Focuses on your sexual well-being

The use of natural products provides progressive, long lasting, safer results, and advised to use until the best results achieved.

If you want to improve your sex life significantly, and want to rely on something natural that doesn’t have any adverse side effects. Then Hard Rock is one of the most potent anti impotence capsules that you can legally buy. Online and without a prescription.
The term “impotence” means the inability of a man to perform the sex act satisfactorily. Studies have proven the fact that impotence is a common development in men at the age of 50. But there are a lot of cases when men suffer from this sexual disorder in much younger age. You should not give up if you face ED or impotence problems.
Hard Rock represents a natural and herbal remedy to eliminate your sexual discomfort. The key-component of Hard Rock is herbal and has been used as an anti-impotence aid since ancient times. It is also known as Withania Somnifera. There are some other names of this component: Tribulus terrestris and the Indian Herbal Viagra. This herb is very effective in healing of impotence problems in men. Besides, Tribulus terrestris is known as a perfect aphrodisiac. It does not have any side effects unlike other artificial aphrodisiacs.
Hard Rock is a highly effective aid to solve impotence problems due to the best quality of the key-component and the right proportion. Now you can enter a better sexual life! Just take Hard Rock regularly for the said period of time. With Hard Rock you can stop taking the product after 6 months when your problem has been healed. You should feel comfortable everywhere! Hard Rock will give you confidence!
our product Hard Rock has been made up from the world’s most erotic herbs which are known to enhance stamina, pleasure, confidence and strength of a man. It contains potential herbs that generate vigor and virility in man. These herbs are known to increase blood circulation in the spongy tissues of the penile, enhances its erectile function and also revitalizes the reproductive system to mount and perform like a horse.
Hard Rock delivers just what you need and is baised on a proven formula that has been clinically tested, and has shown amazing results. Hard Rock can give you that extra boost you need to improve both you (and your partners) sex life, and you can enjoy that boost at a great price, and with piece of mind. Knowing that you are taking a product developed entirely from natural herbs.
The powerful herbal extracts used in Hard Rock are just what you need to overcome the dreaded problem of impotence. Hard Rock strengthens your erections by improving blood flow in your penile tissues, and stimulates the production of testosterone, a vital hormone in your body that controls male libido and male virility.All you need to do is to take a few Hard Rock and you will start to feel a change occurring in your body within 24 hours.

How Hard Rock works?

erectile dysfunction treatment, fixing erectile dysfunction, erectile dysfunction herbal treatment, herbal remedies for erectile dysfunction, supplement for erectile dysfunctionAn erection occurs when blood rushes into the blood vessels of the penis. A person suffering from Erectile Dysfunction (ED) cannot pump enough blood to fuel the erection process, resulting in soft erection or even none at all. Hard Rock, similarly to other Anti-impotence medications increases Nitric Oxide in the blood which leads to the vasodilatation of the penile arteries, in other words, a strong, hard and lasting erection. However, unlike these impotence drugs, which are full of strong chemicals, Hard Rock is an a natural male enhancement and impotence treatment having no side effects! Hard rock contains the finest extracts of herbal ingredients that are specially formulated for effective results without any harmful side effects.
During erection there is an intense flow of blood to the penile region and causes erection, while suffering from erectile dysfunction there is no consistent flow of blood to make the erection, and even if the erection is occurred it is really hard to make a complete erection that can satisfies an intercourse. Hard Rock incorporates natural herbal constituents that enhances the sexual desires and increases the flow of blood in the erectile tissues known as Copora Cavernosa and Corpus Spongiosum and causes a firm erection. The vital herbal extract and minerals forces the brain to stimulate signals to the nerves down into genitals to attain hard and firm erection. Regular intake of two capsules will provide you a hard and prolong erection for about 36 hours.

Hard Rock – Very high on the Doctor’s recommendation list!

Doctors implemented psychological treatments to overcome stress and depression in patients affected by erectile dysfunction and later they switched to prescribe other medicines would be a better remedy to overcome erectile dysfunction but the strategies have changed now and now doctors represent Hard Rock as the safer, reliable and trusted brands to cure the ED problems and they really work from the base to remove all the effects of Erectile Dysfunction. The natural herbal constituent helps in overcoming the problems with no side effects and safe for all.

Does Erectile Function lead you in trouble?

Erectile dysfunction is the major problem in men that can eradicate all happiness in family. For erectile dysfunction there is no age limit it can affect any men at any age, mostly teenagers are being victim of erectile dysfunction. A recent survey have reveled that nearly 2 out of 6 men are affected by erectile dysfunction and nearly one out of 15 affected men are going for treatment .Erectile dysfunction makes men to lose hope and desire over to have sex and makes the men to lay in depressed state.
Erectile dysfunction is a state in which men could not withstand a strong erection for a certain interval of time during the intercourse. And the percentage of affected men by erectile dysfunction are increasing for past few years. It has been stated that psychological factors such as stress and depression are the vital cause to the erectile dysfunction.

Reasons for erectile dysfunction:

  • Irregular flow of blood to the penile nerve
  • Irregular levels of testosterone
  • Consumption of drugs for heart problems, blood pressure, anti stress, smoking, alcoholic drinks ,all will result in the damage of the penile nervous and leads to erectile dysfunction


2 Capsules 30 minutes before bedtime or sexual intercourse ( preferably to be taken with hot milk).

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence

There are a number of reasons why you may have impotence. Around three-quarters of men who have it have physical problems affecting the blood supply. However, there is a complex relationship between the physical and psychological aspects of sexual function. For instance, you may have physical health problems that cause psychological distress and this may have an additional effect on erection problems.

Some of the common causes of erectile dysfunction are represented below as a flow chart:

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Physical health

A number of conditions may cause impotence, including:
1. high blood pressure
2. high cholesterol
3. diabetes
4. obesity
5. multiple sclerosis
6. Parkinson’s disease
7. stroke
8. surgery (such as an operation to remove your prostate gland) or radiation in your pelvic area
9. hormone imbalances such as hypogonadism which causes low levels of testosterone
10. Peyronie’s disease – a condition affecting the sheath that surrounds the erectile tissue of the penis
11. hypospadias – a condition causing the urethra and penis to develop abnormally


Psychological problems can influence your ability to get and keep erections. These include:
1. feeling anxious, guilty or depressed
2. stress at work
3. partner conflicts
4. unresolved issues about sexual orientation
5. sexual boredom

Main Herbal Ingredients Combinations Used In Hard Rock Capsule Are:

Ingredients Quantity
Withania Somnifera 100 mg
Tribulus terrestris 100 mg
Mucuna pruriens 100 mg
Orchis mascula 100 mg
Asphaltum 50 mg
Hygrophila spinosa 50 mg
Myristica fragrans 25 mg
Quercus incana 25 mg


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How often I should take Hard Rock?

Take regularly for maximum benefits. An additional dose about half an hour before an event will help to increase desire, strengthen erections and improve stamina. Any Ayurvedic product requires time to give you benefit. The herbs used in Hard Rock are time tested and well trusted but you require continuous supplements so that reproductive organs and system get boosted properly. Hard Rock requires to get penetrated deep into the reproductive cells to rejuvenate and nourish them. Giving proper time to the product, you will be benefited with highest gains.

How long will it take to get me results?

That solely depends upon the individual. Our body structures are same but then too, it works differently on different stages of the problem. However, generally, if you do course for 4-8 weeks, Hard Rock can be help you to solve your sexual problems and to make your sex-life better than ever before.

I have weak erection and PE. I also feel dull after having sexual play. Will Hard Rock help me overcoming the situation?

Certainly yes! The formula of Hard Rock has been designed in such a way that it helps to solve maximum sexual related problems and also provides support to delay your orgasm offering you more time to feel heavenly experience.

I have heard that most of the libido enhancer drugs increase blood pressure and have side effects. I am afraid. What about Hard Rock?

There is no evidence for our prime product – Hard Rock (though we have sold out countless bottles!) saying that he got any kind of raise in blood pressure. If that is the case with you, we advice you to take a very low dosage and also take it on alternative days. Hard Rock is a natural product that contains just potent herbs and not any hazards! Do not worry, it will not increase your blood pressure and there are no evidence indicating its harmful or unwanted effects.
Regular use of Hard Rock Capsules helps to keep up sexual appetite even in elderly persons.
Hard Rock Capsules offers extraordinary energy to its taker to the full brink of their satisfaction and extreme pleasure. The time-tested herbs and minerals present in Hard Rock Capsules neither restrain the production of sperm nor do they stimulate any sort of cancerous growth.

What is Hard Rock?

Hard Rock is a contemporary medical remedy which fights to remove erectile dysfunction and enhance sex performance in males. Taking Hard Rock on regular base be sure to enhance virility. The corresponding amount of nutrient stimulants works by increasing libido incredibly to provide sexual performance in males. Be the way, Hard Rock protects your organism from stresses which endanger your sexual performance .Hard Rock is a clinically proven Capsule, natural Erectile Dysfunction remedy.

Is Hard Rock a safe Capsules?

Hard Rock Capsules are risk free and contain no side effects. It has emerged to be the best non-prescription formula for controlling erectile dysfunction.

What is the recommended dosage for Hard Rock?

Take just 2 Hard Rock Capsules 30 minutes before sexual intercourse. You can take a maximum of 2 in 12 hours and a maximum of 4 Capsules in 24 hours.

How will Hard Rock work in men?

Hard Rock helps in dilating blood vessels and increasing blood pressure. Increase in more blood flow through the penis promotes a strong and firmer penis.
Shipping and Delivery Information

Which places do you ship the products to?

We ship worldwide.

Where will you ship Hard Rock Capsules from?

We ship our products from warehouses located globally, for your ease of delivery our products are shipped from US, UK, Singapore, India, your product will be shipped out from the closest warehouse depending on stock availability.

How will you ship Hard Rock?

We always aim for offering the best customer service by delivering the product to the customers at the right time. Therefore, we provide our customers with options whether they want to go for the low cost air-mail or the Courier Express Delivery.

How will I receive the Hard Rock Capsules?

Hard Rock Capsules will be available to you in bottles that will be discreetly packed. The packing will be done in such a way that it can ensure you safety.
Refund Policy Information

Which credit cards do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards.

Is my credit card information safe and secure?

Yes. Our payment form is 128 BIT encrypted and provides safety to you.

How will you refund my money back?

If, in the unlikely event, you are unsatisfied with the product, E-mail or call us on our toll free number and we will be happy to assist you. For more information please refer to the return and refund policy for detailed information.

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Hard Rock is really amazing and absolutely fantastic. It has geared up my sexual confidence and poured tremendous stamina in me. Now I am experiencing firmer erections and higher energy levels What is amazing about Hard Rock is that it is fully devoid of side effects. Hey friends, if you are suffering from an erectile dysfunction, just grab Hard Rock and get satisfied as I did.

Paul Brown, Bermuda

I was fed up with my regular lifestyle. Business, meetings and seminars used to torture me mentally. I just wanted to get rid of these as I could feel my wife was not being satisfied. In fact, all these took away my sexual desire. Then I consulted one of my friends who advised me to go for the Hard Rock capsules. I maintained the correct dosage and started feeling better. Now we are enjoying a happy sex life. Thanks Hard Rock!

Carl Xavier, Luxemburg

I took VIAGRA for getting better erections and I found that it was not worth at all. Moreover, I started suffering from terrible headaches and blurred vision. I felt a bit tensed and craved for an instant remedy. My colleague suggested me to take Hard Rock capsules. It was a matter of just a few days when I observed superb changes. I am getting better erections. Hard Rock is great. Thanks!

Andre Gibson, New York City

Well, I loved to consume alcohol. Due to heavy consumption, I encountered erectile dysfunction. I suffered from this problem for about two months. I called up my doctor who advised me to go for the Hard Rock capsules. Now, I feel fine and often provide my wife with endless and blissful knocks.

Ralph Moore, Cape Town

I just want to thank you for the awesome product, Hard Rock. I am amazed at the service provided by you. Starting from your site to delivery, your commitment, your packing process – everything is so perfect. I am sure you are going to do wonders in the world of medicine. Keep up the good work!

Vierra Carlos, Berne

I have been using Hard Rock for erectile dysfunction. Apart from offering best results, Hard Rock has been a nice gift to our marriage life. It has given me everything I craved for. There is absolutely no doubt that Hard Rock is the best.

Miguel Defoe, USA

I faced certain problems when I was 25. Soon I found out that my diagnose was impotence. I tried a lot of different medications such as Viagra and Cialis. But all these drugs were not effective in my case. I had already decided to go to the surgeon. But somehow before this final step I tried Hard Rock. I was really excited! It worked! Now I can say that this product is an effective remedy, because I do see the difference. I feel confident and comfortable!

Ben Roberts , Queensland .

My situation was terrible. I almost gave up. Even my doctor did not know what to do. Besides, my wedding was coming. My brother-in-law advised me to try Hard Rock Capsules. It was amazing! I’m totally satisfied with the results I have achieved. Moreover, your customer service is very nice as well. Hard Rock is the best. My case is the best example! Now I know that such miracles happen.

Steve , Netherlands .

My wife used to deny having sex regularly, because I could not provide an orgasm for her. After using Hard Rock my most significant problem has gone away. Your remedy prevented me from loosing a vital thing. You are the champions!

Mathew Davis, South Wales .

Hard Rock is incredible! Nothing can be added. I really sure to suggest using Hard Rock to everybody who wants better sexual activity! Great!

V. Arnold, Oklahoma .

Sometime after getting married, Jeff began loosing sex performance. Various suppository methods even provided no assistance. Things got worse and worse with time. But sooner or later I advised him to take Hard Rock as my friend was satisfied with it. Its results have transformed our sex activity. I’m so grateful to you, guys.

Jenny , New York .

Great results with Hard Rock. The remedy is so effective. Hard Rock is the best expense I’ve made on anti-erectile dysfunction capsules.

R. Jackson, California .

Sometime before purchasing I learnt all the facts about Hard Rock. I take it after my physician’s advice only. It’s healthy and very efficient as it includes Withania Somnifera extract. Count my statements as I’m over 70. I’ve renewed my sexual relations with wife.

Mr. S. David, London .

Great, sex is now better as I started taking Hard Rock. Now I achieve only firm and hard erections with Hard Rock. It’s just incredible! Thanks a lot!

Rover, U.S.

Purchase HARD ROCK Capsule with Confidence. Based on Scientific Clinical Research, it’s Guaranteed to Work.

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