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Enhance Your Brain Function And Memory Retention


Branole-X Capsule: Potent Herbal Memory Booster
Improve brain health and performance
Branole-X is known to increase memory and relieve stress naturally
It also helps to reduce stress, hypertension and depression.

increase memory,brain capsule, memory enhancer, memory booster,improve memory, memory improvement, increase concentration, stress, anxiety, memory enhancementHerbal Branole-X is a leading product today in the herbal pharmaceutical market. The Antioxidant Herbal Branole-X helps to relieve the stress and thereby helps in increasing the memory power and increases logical understanding of brain. Apart from its basic use for Memory its also very effective and useful against common cold. Effective results like strengthening of brain and stress relief has made us the prime Branole-X Memory Booster Capsule Manufacturer in Delhi.
Branole-X is a rational combination of memory booster herbs that positively modifies memory to improve mental aptitude and attitude, mental alertness and earning ability. Branole-X also helps in improving memory & enhancing concentration as well as guarding against stress, anxiety and depression in a natural way. Further, it also facilitates improved cognition (learning) and retention. It also calms nerves & helps to achieve mental tranquility, accelerates brain functions and optimally restores co-ordination between mind & body while boosting energy levels.

Know How The Branole-X is Effective:

  • Improves short-term and intermediate memories thereby improving the long-term memory.
  • Improves mental aptitude, memory & concentration naturally
  • Positively modifies mental alertness
  • Facilitates improved cognition (learning) & retention
  • Improves logical memory and learning process.
  • Reduces stress, performance anxiety and calming the nerves
  • Improves fatigue and insomnia
  • Resolves depression & helps in achieving mental tranquility
  • Increases the body’s supply of a neurotransmitter such as gamma amino butyric acid (GABA)
 improve memory, memory, aging, memory and aging, memory herbs, herbs for memory,Choosing the Best Herb to Improve Memory,memory capsule,how to improve memory with natural remedy

The use of natural products provides progressive, long lasting, safer results, and advised to use until the best results achieved.

A number of recent scientific studies have suggested that Branole-X helps in Improving Intellect.

Concentration is the prime requirement for schools going kids and teenagers in this competitive world. Branole-X Improves short-term and intermediate memories thereby improving the long- term memory. Branole-X improves logical memory, learning process and treats general debility, exhaustion, stress induced fatigue and insomnia. Branole-X is a natural tranquilizer increasing the body’s supply of a neurotransmitter such as gamma amino butyric acid (GABA).
Branole-X is a comprehensive, natural brain formula with the most effective and highly studied nutrients and herbs to provide optimal mind support for steady mental sharpness and focus, increased clarity, concentration and alertness. Our formula is a synergistic blend of 8 ingredients which support the neural abilities of your brain by providing nutrients healthy brains need to function at peak performance. It’s free of any side effects and has no interactions with prescription drugs or medicines.
Our range of Branole-X Capsules has found immense appreciation amongst clients in both India and abroad. Branole-X is a herbal capsule & blend of some rare Ancient Herbs(Centella Asiatica,Withania Somnifera,Acorus Calamus,Santalum Album,Glycyrrhiza Glabra,Evolvulus Alsinoides), which are used from centuries to improves circulation towards the brain cells which are responsible for the memory retention.Branole-X is known to have powerful memory improvement features, which is why our range is extremely popular with students. The safe and effective composition of our capsules can enhance brain power and can be consumed without prior permission of a doctor.

Natural Branole-X Concentration capsules can Help You Improve Your Memory, Sharpen Your Focus and Provide Sustained Mental Energy Throughout the Day!

Branole-X is an outstanding herbal capsule used for raising the mental performance. It helps in concentration, comprehension, recall and alertness, brahmi is particularly beneficial as it aids in categorizing information in brain and its subsequent expression.Branole-X is also called as a natural antioxidant which may give details its neuroprotective role seen in the memory centres of the brain. Just one month 60 capsules have a stronger antioxidant action than 5 times the recommended every day dose of vitamin E.
Branole-X capsules are extensively made to serve children, adults and elderly who tend to forgetfulness. This capsule when taken regularly for some time is sure to boost your energy levels. It is beneficial for number of ailments that arise due to the malfunctioning of brain. It is a must for growing children as its high iron content strengthens a child’s nervous system, keeping him alert and agile and being an excellent bone developer, helps him grow stronger.


An effective Branole-X having many trusted and beneficial herbal capsule for brain. It is an ideal capsule for people having mentally stressful occupations like teachers, lawyers, doctors, and engineers. It enhances the memory power by strengthening the brain. It also gives good results in times chronic cold.

  • Anxiety
  • Hypertension
  • Insomnia
  • Decreased mental performance
  • Loss of memory
  • Depression
  • Nervine weakness
  • Behavior disorders


One capsule in morning & one capsule in evening with water.

Main Herbal Combinations Used In BRANOLE-X Herbal Capsule Are:

Ingredients quantity
Centella Asiatica 100 mg
Withania Somnifera 50 mg
Acorus Calamus 37.50 mg
Santalum Album 25 mg
Glycyrrhiza Glabra 12.50 mg
Evolvulus Alsinoides 25 mg

All these herbs used in Branole-X Herbal memory booster Capsule are collected from various countries around the world.Memories are prints of our lives which are too precious to be lost, let us take care of them.

What is memory?

Simply put, memory is the mental activity of recalling information that you have learned or experienced. That simple definition, though, covers a complex process that involves many different parts of the brain.
Memory can be short-term or long-term. In short-term memory, your mind stores information for a few seconds or a few minutes: the time it takes you to dial a phone number you just looked up or to compare the prices of several items in a store. Such memory is fragile, and it’s meant to be; your brain would soon read “disk full” if you retained every phone number you called, every dish you ordered in a restaurant, and the subject of every ad you watched on TV. Your brain is also meant to hold an average of seven items, which is why you can usually remember a new phone number for a few minutes but need your credit card in front of you when you’re buying something online.
Long-term memory involves the information you make an effort (conscious or unconscious) to retain, because it’s:

  • Personally meaningful to you (for example, information about family and friends).
  • You need it (such as job procedures or material you’re studying for a test).
  • Or it made an emotional impression on you (a movie that had you riveted, the first time you ever caught a fish, the day your uncle died).

Some information that you store in long-term memory requires a conscious effort to recall:

  • Episodic memories, which are personal memories about experiences you’ve had at specific times.
  • Semantic memories (factual data not bound to time or place), which can be everything from the names of the planets to the color of your child’s hair.

Another type of long-term memory is procedural memory, which involves skills and routines you perform so often that they don’t require conscious recall.

Factors that Affect Memory Loss

There are many factors that can affect good functioning of your memory. These factors include the following:

  • Aging is the top cause of memory loss. As you mature and you get older, your brain starts to lose some of its cells. Aging will cause your body to produce fewer natural chemicals needed by your brain. Over time, your ability to recall is affected. You will experience different degrees of memory loss. Some of these are normal while severe cases of memory loss can certainly affect your normal activities.
  • Depression is also one of the major causes of memory loss. Of you experience chronic depression or subjected to regular daily stress, it may affect the normal functioning of your brain. It may be more related to psychological problems but depression will certainly speed up physical manifestation of brain problems such as increased loss of brain activity resulting to memory loss.
  • Diseases such as dementia or Alzheimer’s diseases can also cause memory loss. If you are suffering from these diseases, your brain may function abnormally. You may recall some remote events but not recent ones. Even a conversation that happened a few minutes back would be lost. This will certainly affect your daily normal functioning.
  • Head injuries due to accidents, smoking, and alcohol and drug abuse are also factors that stimulate memory loss. Memory loss could be mild or severe depending on your injury or level of substance abuse.
 improve memory, memory, aging, memory and aging, memory herbs, herbs for memory,Choosing the Best Herb to Improve Memory,memory capsule,how to improve memory with natural remedy
Is this herbal supplement safe for everyone? Can I become addicted to it?

Herbal capsules contains essential nutrients and bio-active herbs which have been safely recommended around the world by herbalists for memory loss. Our products are made up with the finest, naturally derived ingredients, and is proven to be safe & effective in user studies, and is completely safe for consumption. As product are made from natural herbs, it is completely natural & safe. No, you cannot become addicted to.

When will capsules begin to work?

As the treatment is purely natural that corrects the disease from its root cause, feeling better may take a little time, too. Full response may take 6 to 7 months. Patients may see improvement as early as 1-2 months. Results may vary from person to person. Give Product time to work. Your symptoms may gradually begin to improve. The Ayurvedic recipe of memory booster is good to enhance memory and also reported to improve the intellect.

How Long Does A Bottle Last?

The capsules come packed in boxes of 60 units each, each should last for around 2 weeks, for one person. .

How long till I see outcome?

In mild cases of memory troubles, outcome can be seen within 3-4 days of consumption. For more severe cases of memory interrelated problems, more than a few weeks may be required to see effective results. We recommend 2 months of supply for observing successful long-term improvement.

What is the recommended dosage?

For Adults, 2 capsules in morning and evening later than meals. Most excellent if taken with milk

Is it safe to use all through work?

Yes! Branole-X has tranquilizing effects but, unlike synthetic sedatives which often have side effects of dulling the mind, it actually improves mental clarity. So infect it improve your attentiveness in when you are working under stress, particularly through exam days.

Is it safe for Children ?

Branole-X has no damaging effects and is totally safe for children.

How To Prevent Memory Loss?

There are many ways in which we can maintain our memory functions. Living a healthy life and keeping a fit body can greatly improve our chances against memory loss. The brain needs to be constantly challenged by learning new things.You can also try taking herbal medicine as a supplement that can help you maintain the wellness of your brain. The Branole-X is known to help in memory restoration. It is also popular in helping people with dementia.
The Branole-X is rich in vitamins and minerals which are much needed by the brain, such as vitamins B1, B2, B12, C and E. It is clinically proven to have comparable effects with those of anxiety drugs.That is why engaging in new activities and doing new things will help the brain maintain its vigor and sharpness. Staying away from stress and doing fun activities will also help the brain function at its best.

 improve memory, memory, aging, memory and aging, memory herbs, herbs for memory,Choosing the Best Herb to Improve Memory,memory capsule,how to improve memory with natural remedy

“In Fact I had recently heard about Branole-X a natural herbal capsule to boost the memory power. Actually I wanted to use it as a memory booster and longevity of the brain. I started using this product for around 3 months back and since one month, Now I am feeling fresh and adequately now my mood is also good as compared to before. Thanks to Branole-X”

Steve Broadmon, Australia

“I’m a 37-year-old working mom… could never remember where I placed my things or what people said. It’s really embarrassing [because]many times when colleagues ask for certain favors, and the next moment later, I totally forget! After taking Branole-X for merely 1 week, (I wasn’t expecting any miracle yet) I noticed that the things I’m supposed to do, e.g., bring some stuff to work the next day will just pop into my head. I’m proud to say that now I’m a woman of my words! Thank you so much! ”

Julia, Singapore

“My memory was getting worse and worse, and I thought, ‘Oh well, that’s just old age creeping up on me.’ My wife put us both on Branole-X, and my mind feels clear again for the first time in years. I notice a big improvement in my circulation as well. There is still some life left in the old boy, it seems!”

John, Canada

“Max, (married, 63 years old) came to see me for assessment. Although he was still working, he had begun to notice that his memory was not as good as it should have been. He was a bright and interesting man with many interests and a keen sense of humor. For the past year, Max had found himself forgetting words, which was very distressing for him. I recommended that he take Branole-X every day to improve blood flow to the brain and to condition his circulatory system. He reported happily that he was not so forgetful anymore and felt that he had regained his mental functioning.

Michele Carelse, Clinical Psychologist

“I used to forget very frequently and that is why, I was getting many small but difficulties in my routine work. The word heard few hours back was difficult for me to remember one more time and that used to put me into depression. I came across natural product Branole-X. On the regular basis, I kept consuming the capsules and I really noticed that now I could remember even all small instructions. I am grateful to the herb” –

Jasmine Kaur, London

“Due to my personal reason, I was not getting enough sleep and doctor labeled my problem as insomnia. But then, I did not want to go for high modern medicines those are sedatives. I found Branole-X for my sleeplessness problem as a natural product. I have been taking capsules since couple of weeks and there is a real result as now I am quite okay with my mood and satisfied with my sleeping hours’.

Greg KN, Melbourne

“I had heard about Branole-X as a natural herb. I wanted to use it as memory booster and longevity of the brain. I started using the product around 3 months back and since one month, I am feeling fresh and now my mood is also good as compared to before. Thanks to Branole-X”

Kerry Solomon, Singapore

“I have started using Branole-X for boosting my memory for past 2 months and I am 80 % fine now. God bless.

Anna Braf, USA.

I used to forget everything 3 months back and now I recall everything and my memory is improving day by day. Branole-X is the best memory booster capsule I have ever seen in my life. I will recommend it to all the memory less people especially young ones to use it and improve memory .

Celina Clive, Barbedos

Branole-X is the best memory booster capsule. Has totally changed my life and its really hard to believe that how you have made it possible. It’s really magic. Thank you very much Good luck.

Lee Chang, Japan.

I am using Branole-X for past 2 or 3 months now and I find it very superior for memory and minor stress related problems thanks a lot I would use more products

Noone, United States

“I am absolutely hooked on the Branole-X. I find I am remembering things more easily and able to think faster.”

Kay Jones

“Branole-X helped me get my brain back in shape to focus on finishing my last year, hopefully with honors.”

Achim Enthaler

“After starting Lumosity, I find that I am more alert and am more able to acquire new skills.”

Leslie Scott

Purchase BRANOLE-X Capsule with Confidence. Based on Scientific Clinical Research, it’s Guaranteed to Work.

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