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FAQ About Breast Enhancement


Breast Enhancement

Breast enhancement comprises of reduction as well as enlargement. In case of obese women, excessive material collects over the pectoral region providing an impression of feminine breasts. Those who have high levels of estrogen have an inclination to have bigger breasts. Those women having small pectoral muscles try for breast enlargement.

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FAQ About Breast Enlargement

Q: Why are BIG-BXL Capsule & Cream so effective?
A- BIG-BXL Capsule & Creams contains Phytoestrogens (naturally occurring non-hormonal plant estrogens). These phytoestrogens stimulate your body to produce new breast tissue growth. Your body responds to BIG-BXL Capsule & Creams the way it responds to puberty or pregnancy; with renewed glandular tissue growth in the breast receptor sites.
Q: How likely is it that BIG-BXL Capsules and Cream will work for me?
A: Most women experience a noticeable improvement in fullness and toning in the breast area, so there is a high probability of success for you. Women with a cup size of ‘A or B’ often report an increase of one to two cup sizes. Differences in individual metabolism and body chemistry obviously determine the outcome for you personally.BIG-BXL consist of a proprietary blend of mastogenic herbs and exotic plant extracts that has been proven to increase a woman’s breast size by stimulating new cell growth in the mammary glands. Your body responds to Perfect Woman the way it responds to puberty or pregnancy; with renewed glandular tissue growth in the breast receptor areas.
Q: Are BIG-BXL Capsule & Creams safe for me to use?
A: BIG-BXL Capsule & Cream is an all-natural herbal dietary supplement containing absolutely no additives or fillers. All ingredients in BIG-BXL Capsule & Creams are listed on the FDA’s GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) list. There are no known negative side effects. *Before taking any dietary supplement, women with special medical conditions, pregnant or lactating are encouraged to consult with their physician first. .
Q: How long have women been using them?
A: BIG-BXL Capsule & Cream is the original, natural breast enlargement Capsule and has been sold worldwide. Please view some of the letters of thanks that we have received on our testimonials on result page.
Q: What about the other breast enhancement products on the market?
A: Since the success of BIG-BXL many companies have tried to copy our product without success, many boasting that they have a product that is faster and cheaper than BIG-BXL. Please watch for imitations. Think about it, do you really think you could get bigger breasts from just any herbal pill?
Q: How long will it take before I start noticing results?
A: Most women begin to see results in 6 to 8 weeks. However, results may vary due to differences in individual metabolic rates and body chemistry. Within the first 4 weeks you will notice an increase in fullness and firmness; this is the first sign that BIG-BXL is working.
Q: How much growth can I expect?
A: Women using BIG-BXL Capsule & Creams experience amazing improvements in both firmness and fullness of their breasts, with increases of one, two, and sometimes even three full- cup sizes.
Q: I want breast implants why should I try your product?
A: Why would you go for breast implants when you can get the same results with BIG-BXL Capsule & Creams, with no side effects! Women who use BIG-BXL capsules for at least a couple of months see results ranging from approximately 1/2-1.5 to 2.5- and up to 4-inches plus. Results also include uplifted, toned and firmed breasts. You don’t need to go through the costs, risks and pain of implant surgery when there is a safe, much more effective & inexpensive option! BIG-BXL will not only give you more voluptuous breasts, it will also have positive effects on your whole well-being! You must be aware that saline breast implants do not last a lifetime. Women who get these implants will require additional surgery at some point to remove or replace them because of age or complications.
Q: I have breast implants and it has started “sagging” now. Can BIG-BXL Capsule & Cream help?
A: According to our customers, yes. We have had numerous reports of women using BIG-BXL Capsule & Cream post-operation to enhance the appearance of their implants. Women who have had breast implants can expect the same growth as any other woman as long as there is no damage to the breast tissue from surgery. It can help with dimpling, sagging, & other aging effects.
Q: I am forty-six years old and my breasts have begun to lose elasticity, am I too old to think of doing something about it now?
A: You are never too old to feel like a woman. Women of all ages can use what is available as long as they have no significant medical problems. BIG-BXL Capsule & Cream can normally help get back fullness and firmness as well as help with menopausal symptoms, PMS and other discomforts.
Q: Is BIG-BXL Capsule & Cream guaranteed??
A: Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back. We built our business by offering excellent products to happy customers who order from us again and again — customers who feel good about referring their friends to us. Following hundreds of testimonials. we are proud to say that this product does work. We are so confident that BIG-BXL Capsule & Cream will increase your total well being and your breast size that we offer 60-day money back guarantee – one of the best return policies in the market..We will refund your money deducting postal and shipping charges.
Q- Is BIG-BXL Herbal Breast Enlargement Capsule effective for every women?
A- A product of Hashmi Herbal Cures, this capsule has proved effective on all women of age from 12 to 70 years. This capsule has proved to be a boon for women till date.
Q- How much time it takes to get BIG-BXL Herbal Breast Enlargement Capsule?
A- We make sure that this excellent product from Herbal Cures reaches you within 1-2 week in any part of India.
Q: Does BIG-BXL cause acne or pimples?
A- No. On the contrary it actually clears up your skin if you have acne or pimples. Women are always telling us how their skin has never looked better!

FAQ About Breast Reduction

How do I take Cute-B breast reduction capsules?
Simply take 3 Cute-B breast reduction capsules per day, 1 with each meal for best results. Do not exceed 5 per day. Make sure you take each Cute-B capsule with a tall glass of water. The herbs need to be hydrated into your system to receive the best reduction results.
Are there any negative side effects of Cute-B breast reduction?
Absolutely zero, our Cute-B capsules are made from all natural herbs so you will not experience any side effects. Regardless of your age or medical condition, our powerful breast reduction formula can work for you. We recommend that you consult your doctor before taking any of our breast reduction products.
How long will the Cute-B breast reduction capsule take to work?
Cute-B breast reduction capsules will begin to work instantly. Customers have reported noticeable reduction which starts a few weeks after using Cute-B. Most customers will see satisfying results within 6 months, and there are no side effects known to be associated with long term use of this product.
How many boxes of Cute-B breast reduction should I start with?
Breast reduction is quite a process, so we definitely don’t recommend ordering LESS than a 3 month supply. The most popular package we have is for our 4 month capsule supply. This package is popular because when you order a 4 month supply of Cute-B, you’ll get your 5th month ABSOLUTELY FREE, saving you a whopping $115 when you order! Regardless the package size you order, your product comes complete with a 60 day money back guarantee, so you KNOW you won’t be disappointed.
How long should I take Cute-B breast reduction capsules?
Take Cute-B until you reach your desired breast size. There have been no reported long-term side effects associated with the use of Cute-B breast reduction capsules. Many women decide to continue taking Cute-B breast reduction even after a 3-6 month supply. Further decreases in breast size are entirely possible with continued use of Cute-B.
Are the capsules addictive?
No, the capsules have no ingredients that will cause you to become addicted or suffer from with drawls after discontinuing use of Cute-B Breast Reduction capsules.
I have high blood pressure, can I use your Cute-B breast reduction capsules?
Our herbal products are not known to raise or lower systemic blood pressure, however if you are currently taking high blood pressure medication or anti-inflammatory medication then you may not see complete results. Please contact your doctor if you are taking any regular medication to ensure our herbal products won’t interfere with the effectiveness of your prescriptions.
Are the reductions permanent?
You can stop taking Cute-B when you reach your desired size and you’ll never have to take it again. There has been no reported loss of results after you discontinue use of the product.
Will one breast reduce at a faster rate than the other?
Cute-B breast reduction results are uniform. The reduction process is equal in both the right and left breast. The beauty of Cute-B results are that you will NOT get scarring, there will be NO loss of the ability to breastfeed, as so many women find occurs after breast reduction surgery.
What is Cute-B Breast Reduction Capsule?
Cute-B breast reduction is a safe alternative to other methods of breast reduction such as plastic surgery and liposuction. Cute-B is a safe and natural herbal supplement that has been reported to show significant breast reduction, up to 30%. As with all Herbal America products, Cute-B results are guaranteed.
Are these Cute-B Cream safe?
Yes, they are formulated from all-natural, herbal ingredients. There are no synthetic additives or fillers.
How long does it take to work? To achieve maximum results?
Results can take 2 weeks to 1 month. Maximum results may differ from woman to woman, but they are typically seen within 1 to 3 months.
Does these Cute-B Cream contain Estrogen?
Is Cute-B Cream effective regardless of age?
The creams have been proven effective on most women who use it as directed – regardless of age and race.
How will I know if its working?
Most women will begin to experience a slight tingling or soreness in their breasts similar to what they felt during puberty, when their breasts began to develop. This usually occurs within 3-4 weeks after beginning use. Some women, however, only begin to notice fullness in their breasts or fit more snugly into their bras.
How much should I take for breast growth?
Rub a dime-sized dose directly onto the breast twice a day. Recommended usage: approximately three to nine months. Cute-B Cream can be used indefinitely for maintenance of hormone balance. It will not continue to increase breast size beyond your own natural maximum growth level.
What does Cute-B do?
Cute-B is an all natural herbal supplement cream designed for natural breast reduction,shaping and firming up.
How long will it take to get my order?
You should receive your order in 5 -7 business days. Most international orders are received within 1-2 weeks. We cannot control the local customs in your country, therefore some orders may take longer.
Is the package discreet?
Yes, all orders are shipped in discreet packaging.
Is there a money back guarantee?
All our products carry a 60 day money back guarantee (plus shipping costs).

FAQ About Male Breast Enhancement

What is BIG-BXL male breast enlargement?
BIG-BXL is an all natural supplement developed to naturally develop feminine breasts for biological males.
Are there any side effects?
BIG-BXL is an all natural herbal supplement so you will not experience any side effects.
How do you take BIG-BXL?
Simply take 3 capsules daily. Each bottle contains a one month supply.
How does BIG-BXL work?
BIG-BXL is a revolutionary blend of organic herbs that safely and effectively enhance male breast size. BIG-BXL is a 100% natural supplement that helps balance and increase the presence of estrogen, progesterone, prolactin, prostaglandins, and GF compounds. The proper balances of these hormones results in natural male breast enlargement through the development of male breast tissue.
Are the results permanent?
Yes. BIG-BXL male breast enlargement capsules increase the amount of cells in the mammary glands. Once you have these extra cells in the breasts they don’t go away.
Are there any side effects?
The herbs used in our herbal formula have been used for hundreds of years in medicinal applications with no adverse side effects. There are no known side effects with BIG-BXL use. There are no synthetic additives, colorings, or artificial preservatives in the product.
Will I gain weight?
No. BIG-BXL does not increase your overall body weight, or cause you to gain additional weight. The purpose of our natural supplement is to provide a natural route to male breast enlargement. As your breasts develop they will appear fuller firmer and more feminine.
How long will it take to see results?
You will enjoy some firming and fullness after three or four weeks. The main male breast growth occurs between one and three months. At the end of two months you should see between half a cup and a full cup increase in breast size. For most continued use will increase the cup by two sizes. Natural male breast enlargement can take a little time as your body stimulates development. Be patient when expecting results and remember that to get the best gains you should take the capsules with plenty of water.
Can you take too many capsules?
The recommended dose is 1 capsule 3 times per day spread out through the day with a glass of water each time. The water is needed to properly hydrate the herbal ingredients for good male breast enlargement results. Taking more than the recommended dose can sometimes cause nausea and headache due to too much of any one ingredient in your system. Also, if you take more you may not absorb all the ingredients and could effectively be wasting capsules. We recommend sticking with the recommended dose of 1 capsule 3 times per day, this should produce good gains. Male breast growth of up to 2 cup sizes is easily achieved when BIG-BXL is taken correctly.
Are there any restrictions to taking BIG-BXL?
To enjoy good results without interfering with the body’s natural growing process we recommend BIG-BXL only to men over the age of 18.
What is the difference between BIG-BXL and other products?
The largest difference is that BIG-BXL is all natural. There are no synthetic additives, artificial preservatives, or colorings in the product. We use oat bran as a natural filler for our capsules, and we use glycerin for our liquid medium. With BIG-BXL, your natural breast enhancement will happen steadily over time. Taking BIG-BXL on a regular basis will give you natural looking feminine breasts.
Does BIG-BXL interact with any medications?
Those taking high blood pressure medications may require a longer period of time to see results. In any event, please consult with your doctor if you have any concerns about BIG-BXL interacting with your current medications.
How large are the BIG-BXL capsules?
Our male breast enlargement capsules are multivitamin size. If you have a hard time swallowing capsules BIG-BXL gives you the choice of taking the capsule whole or taking it apart and mixing the internal herbal ingredients with some food (peanut butter and jam are two popular choices) for easier digestion. Natural male breast enhancement doesn’t have to be difficult!
Should I take BIG-BXL with food?
It is not necessary to take BIG-BXL with food. The important thing to remember if you are seriously seeking male breast enhancement is to take each capsule with a full glass of water. Water is essential in the body to hydrate the herbal ingredients found in the BIG-BXL formula for the best breast size gains.
I have high blood pressure, can I use male breast enlargement capsules?
BIG-BXL won’t raise or lower systemic blood pressure, however if you are currently taking high blood pressure medication or anti-inflammatory medication then you may not see fast results. Please contact your doctor if you are taking any regular medication to ensure our herbal product won’t interfere with the effectiveness of your prescriptions.


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