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How to Counter Issues of Low Libido in Men


Low libido in men is a problem that’s not given the attention it needs. It is acceptable if you are not in the mood to have sex all the time. Sex drive has its crests and troughs. That said, if your libido is constantly at low levels, then the situation escalates into a chronic condition that requires treatment.
The positive aspect is that the situation is not totally out of your control. There is a lot that you can do to restore your sexual vigor. Let us look at the ways in which you can recharge your sex drive and reignite the passion in your love life.

1. Boost Your Testosterone Levels

A drop in testosterone levels leads to a loss of libido in men. Since aging corresponds to low testosterone, low libido in men over 50 is much more common than low libido in men over 40. Consult a general practitioner and get your testosterone levels checked.
Ask the doctor if those levels are healthy for a person of your age. If it is not, then get specific recommendations from your doctor. Some medications, such as medicines that treat high blood pressure, cause a drop in sexual desire. So, ask your doctor if there is any way to offset this negative impact.
Also, medical conditions, such as diabetes and obesity, decrease your desire to have sex. Your doctor can help you manage those conditions so that your sexual life is not severely debilitated. One thing that you absolutely must not do is address your lack of sex drive.
Admitting you have a problem is the first step to resolving it. Don’t worry – this will not make you a lesser man. On the contrary, this will boost your virility.

2. Manage Stress in Your Day to Day Life

Stress is an evolutionary mechanism that helped the cave man fight or flee from danger. Biologically, when circumstances stress you, the cortisol level in your body is elevated. Cortisol increases your heart rate and promotes enhanced brain function. This grants your body a temporary performance boost that helps you counter the danger.
However, your body is not meant to run on stress mode for a long time, because cortisol shuts down other biological functions in favor of increased brain performance. Your sex drive takes a beating, too; thus, if you are under chronic stress, your sex drive plummets.
Be it the workplace or home, your reduced sexual desire shows up as a decrease in performance in all aspects of your life. The effects of a man’s low libido are quite visible to those around him. The reason for this is that when an urge as powerful as your libido is subdued, other urges reflect this negative impact.
Thus, in a way, a drop in your libido reduces your drive and motivation to succeed in other endeavors. Consequently, you begin to fall short of other’s expectations, as well as your own. In turn, this causes more stress and hence you become the victim of a vicious cycle.

3. Adopt A More Physical Lifestyle

As you would readily attest, sexual intercourse is a demanding physical activity; therefore, a sedentary lifestyle goes hand in hand with decreased libido. Taking up a sport, going on regular walks, trekking trails and hitting the gym are excellent natural remedies that will spike your sex drive.
There are many benefits of adopting a more physical lifestyle.
Firstly, engaging in physical activities boosts your energy levels. You can pump all that extra energy into having a great tumble in the sheets.
Secondly, you can involve your partner in some of these activities to increase your connection and strengthen your bond. Sex becomes so much more pleasurable when you can connect with your partner at a deeper and more intimate level.
Lastly, your body becomes more attractive, and any inhibitions that you may have against getting naked reduces. These reasons combine together to provide a benefit that is greater than the sum of the parts.

4. Make Sure You Get Enough Rest

One big obstacle that stands between you and a great sex life is exhaustion. If you or your partner is too tired, you throw sex onto the back burner. You need a well-rested body to engage in sex. That is why a lack of sleep correlates directly with a lack of libido.
Now that you know that lack of sexual desire is a result of not getting enough rest, you can take simple steps to ensure that you get enough sleep. For instance, go to sleep 15 minutes earlier to begin with, and gradually increase the time until you are comfortable sleeping an hour earlier than you do usually.
In addition to that, practice meditation and breathing exercises that calm your mind. When you go to sleep with a calm mind, the quality of your sleep increases and you receive more rest from the same quantity of sleep. Also, consider upgrading your mattress if the current one does not provide enough support for your spine or it is not cozy enough.


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