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How to Increase Fertile Mucus Naturally


Increase Cervical Mucous to Get Pregnant

Cervical mucus is a substance that is produced by a woman’s body during her monthly cycle. Cervical mucus is most plentiful and at its peak during ovulation. Cervical mucus plays an important role in conception. Cervical mucus helps the sperm to survive once inside a woman’s body, and helps the sperm get to the egg so that the egg can be fertilized.
Fertile mucus is present around the time of ovulation and it is stringy, transparent, and looks like raw egg white. This is a very positive sign that ovulation is about to occur. Cervical fluid is commonly present in the vagina in order to lubricate, cleanse and protect the reproductive organs from bacterial, parasitic and viral infections. Detecting fertile mucus is a very important aspects of fertility charting.
If you do not have enough fertile cervical mucus, the sperm will not be able to survive and travel to the Fallopian tubes to fertilize your egg. There is a very effective natural supplement, called BABY Capsule that can to help your increase your cervical mucus production.

Types of Cervical Mucus

Your cervical mucus changes throughout your menstrual cycle in quantity, quality, color, and texture. If you pay close attention, you will notice that your vaginal discharge has the same type of consistency at every stage of your cycle:
Before Ovulation
Clear, White, Very Scanty (not a lot), Cloudy, and Sticky.
From Day 7 to Day 10.
During Ovulation
Stretchy, Clear, Like Raw egg White.
From Day 11 to Day 14.
After Ovulation
Dry, White/Yellow, Sticky and Cloudy.
From Day 15 to Day 28.
The presence of fertile cervical mucus indicates that your body is getting ready for ovulation. Detecting this type of mucus is very important when trying to conceive. When ovulation has occurred your cervical mucus will change to thick, non-stretchy white or yellow in color with a lumpy consistence.

Why Is Fertile Cervical Mucus so Important ?

Fertile cervical mucus is very important to keep the spermatic cells alive longer in the female reproductive tract. The longer you have fertile cervical mucus during ovulation, the higher your chances of getting pregnant. When you have an abundant supply of stringy, clear cervical mucus, the sperms are provided with nourishment and are capable of swimming faster reaching the egg in healthier conditions. If you have intercourse when you have lots of fertile mucus and are about to ovulate, your chances of getting pregnant increase dramatically.

Hostile Cervical Mucus

If the vaginal environment is acidic, the male sperm will survive for a small period of time. The presence of fertile cervical mucus in the vagina is very important because it protects the sperm from the acids contents of the vagina. The presence of fertile cervical mucus helps the sperm travel up to the Fallopian tubes through the uterus fertilizing the egg. Another important function of fertile mucus is to trap and slow down abnormal sperm.

Use BABY Capsule for men to:

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  • Improve the functioning of male sexual organs (prostate, seminal vesicles, testes, penis)
  • Increase sperm production
  • Improve sperm motility and health
  • Boost testosterone levels
  • Counteract the effects of free radicals on sperm health
  • Increase sex drive, strengthen erections and encourage greater sexual pleasure
  • Calm and soothe stress and nervous tension
  • Improve overall systemic health

How to Increase Fertile Mucus Production

Many women who suffer from difficulty in conceiving have very little fertile mucus. Just by increasing the quantity and improving the quality of their cervical mucus they will get pregnant. Baby Capsule, which is designed to increase fertility by supporting the production of fertile mucus. If you know you do not produce enough clear and stretchy cervical mucus, this supplement can make a difference while trying to conceive. BABY Capsule is designed to improve both the quantity and quality of a woman’s cervical mucus. In addition to mucus production, BABY Capsule helps to strengthen the uterine lining for better implantation of the embryo.
Recommended by fertility expert Amos Grunebaum, MD, and based on Nobel-Prize winning research, BABY Capsule is the dietary supplement designed to promote the healthy production of cervical mucus (CM) – the bodily fluid so important to fertility and conception. In addition to supporting the production of cervical fluids, the ingredients in BABY Capsule have also been shown to support a healthy endometrial (uterine) lining and increase female arousal, sexual sensitivity, and libido.
BABY Capsule integrates vitamins and key nutrients, including the amino acid L-Arginine, which promotes the synthesis of nitric oxide (NO), a chemical that is produced naturally in the body and that supports several key bodily functions. In fertility, nitric oxide safely increases circulation and vascular relaxation in the reproductive organs, and supports the production of endocervical secretion during ovulation.BABY Capsule may increase the odds of pregnancy by enhancing the presence of fertile-quality cervical mucus.
As fertility expert Dr. Amos Grunebaum indicates, “for many women, problems with cervical mucus – or CM – may cause obstacles to getting pregnant. If cervical mucus is not present or does not provide a fertile medium for sperm, then conception may be inhibited. BABY Capsule is designed to help women produce fertile-quality cervical fluids – and by implication increase the chances of conceiving.” Moreover, scientific studies indicate that the same ingredient that supports cervical mucus also increases edometrial secretion to prepare the uterus for implantation. In established studies, key ingredients in BABY Capsule have been shown to: Naturally and safely support the production of cervical fluids. Increase arousal and sexual stimulation. Increase hydration of the mucin (liquidity of mucus). Promote mucus alkalinity and mucosal thinning. Support a healthy endometrial lining for successful implantation of the embryo.
BABY Capsule is one of the most powerful herbal preparations to increase cervical mucus that has proven it worth and made many childless couple mum and daddy.

Use BABY Capsule for men to:

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  • Improve the functioning of male sexual organs (prostate, seminal vesicles, testes, penis)
  • Increase sperm production
  • Improve sperm motility and health
  • Boost testosterone levels
  • Counteract the effects of free radicals on sperm health
  • Increase sex drive, strengthen erections and encourage greater sexual pleasure
  • Calm and soothe stress and nervous tension
  • Improve overall systemic health

Sperm are produced in the seminiferous tubules in the testes, which are also responsible for the production of testosterone, a male sex hormone, essential for male sexual functioning and fertility, amongst other things.
The process of sperm production, from the formation of germ cells, to fully mature sperm cells, takes about 70 days. When sperm development is complete, sperm are released from the seminiferous tubules and travel to the epididymis, where they become more mature and mobile. Sperm are stored in the epididymis until ejaculation, when contractions push a small amount of sperm into the vas deferens, through the prostate gland and into the urethra.
As the sperm travels down the reproductive tract, fluid is added by the prostate gland and seminal vesicles to produce semen. More than 90% of the ejaculatory fluid is produced by the prostate gland and seminal vesicles, which is why men who have had a vasectomy can still ejaculate normally.
In order for a man to be fertile, he needs to produce mature, healthy and mobile sperm in sufficient quantities to ensure the fertilization of the female egg. The ability to achieve and sustain an erection for long enough to ejaculate and deposit the sperm in the female reproductive tract is also important for natural conception.

How BABY Capsule Natural Sperm Strengthener And Fertility Booster For Men is Different for You

BABY Capsule Natural Sperm Strengthener And Fertility Booster For Men is a 100% all-natural product that has been shown to strengthen the prostate gland, help the male body eliminate toxins, and even help increase male sexual stamina and enjoyment.
To boost sperm strength and fertility men only need five minutes and one simple, natural product – Baby Capsule. BABY Capsule Natural Sperm Strengthener And Fertility Booster For Men not only helps to strengthen the prostate gland, but its unique formula also helps to strengthen your sperm count.
That means that BABY Capsule is twice as effective at attacking the two most common causes of conception problems. It’s amazing how this simple product was overlooked for so long before it was brought to you.

Increase Your Active Sperm Count up to 1834% in a Less Than 10 Days

It is estimated that 1 in 5 couples worldwide have fertility and conception problems, and almost half of those problems are due to male infertility. Since most people associate infertility with women, male infertility often goes overlooked. Most male infertility is due to the inability to make mature, healthy sperm cells. And since a mature healthy sperm is required to fertilize an egg, this poses a problem for couples who want to become parents.

Almost 75% of male infertility and sperm strength problems can be corrected with just a few simple steps

BABY Capsule Natural Sperm Strengthener And Fertility Booster For Men is an all-natural male fertility supplement. Scientists at Hashmi Healthcare have spend years testing the BABY Capsule Natural Sperm Strengthener And Fertility Booster For Men formula to increase male fertility, increase sperm count, increase sperm mobility, alleviate impotence, strengthen the male reproductive system, and promote male sexual ability and vigor.

Natural Product to Overcome Infertility Problem in Men

If a couple fails to have baby, the woman is mostly held responsible for it. But the truth is, many a times a woman is unable to conceive because her male partner is infertile. The male dominated society however refuses to accept the fact and derides the woman, calling her ‘barren’. This explains why in older times, men would marry a several times to get a successor, and yet fail to make even a single bride pregnant.
BABY Capsule is a miraculous male fertility supplement that promises to make male fertile the natural way. It makes use of potent herbs from the storehouse of nature, and is therefore much safe with no hazardous side-effects at all. It is also less expensive compared to the wide range of synthetic, chemical drugs. With Baby Capsule, one can defeat male infertility effectively. BABY Capsule elevates sperm quantity and quality, improves sperm motility and morphology, and increases semen volume immensely thereby giving utmost physical pleasure to both partners during copulation. By acting in the above ways, BABY Capsule definitely eradicates the major causes of infertility in males.
BABY Capsule Herbal Product for male infertility focuses on improving sperm quantity, sperm quality, and overall male reproductive health. Researchers reported that sperm counts have fallen almost 50% since the 1930s. Although some dispute these findings, it is generally accepted that sperm counts are declining. The cause may be environmental and dietary and lifestyle changes may interfere with men’s sperm production. If this is so, improving diet and making healthy lifestyle choices should positively impact male reproductive health.
BABY Capsule product is a combination of well balanced herbal ingredients designed to overcome male fertility problems, improves quality of semen. This supplement is considered to be the strong antioxidant fight against the debilitating effects of free-radical compounds. It increase sperm count, Motility, Corrects male infertility, BABY Capsule is the formulation of natural herbs and minerals designed to overcome male fertility problems and give new hope to childless couples.
A clinical trial showed that BABY Capsule improves quality of sperm in men by significant amounts and their uses in treating infertility are peer has skyrocketed since then. The main advantage of this herb is for men, helping to produce the quality and quantity of his sperm, so this is for the male partner of a couple who is trying to conceive.
BABY Capsule is one of the most popular herbal treatments for female infertility and male infertility. The value of this herb is its reputed role in the production of cervical mucus leading to the concept.
It makes the mucus more fertile ground for half the sperm and this is important because sperm must be sustained if it is a healthy move successfully through the cervix. In fact, if the mucus is healthy sperm can survive for up to five days in the tube fallopian tubes, increasing the chance of the concept even further copulation. Thus the presence of cervical mucus proper and healthy at the time of ovulation is vital to take supplements and fertility oil spring evening is one of the best ways to ensure that the mucus is healthy.

Causes Of Male Infertility?

The most common causes of male infertility involve abnormal sperm production, the way in which sperm is delivered, lifestyle and health issues. These causes may include:
Abnormal sperm production – One of the most common causes of infertility in men is as a result of the sperm production process in testes. If the shape and structure of sperm is hampered, sperm may not be able to reach the egg.
Low sperm concentration – Low sperm concentration, known as sub-fertility, is defined as 10 million or less sperm per milliliter of semen. The count for normal sperm concentration is greater than or equal to 20 million sperm per milliliter of semen.
Blockage of sperm delivery – Obstructions that occur in the tubes leading sperm away from the testes to the penis can cause a total lack of sperm in the ejaculated semen.
Testicular Varicocele – A varicocele is a dilated or varicose vein and when it occurs in the scrotum it may prevent normal cooling of the testicle. This leads to reduced sperm count and motility
Undescended testicle or testes – Undescended testicle or testes is the term used when one or both testicles fail to descend from the abdomen into the scrotum during fetal development. Because the testicles are exposed to the higher internal body temperature, compared with the temperature in the scrotum, sperm production may be affected.
Hormonal problems – If the pituitary gland, which is situated at the base of the brain, does not send the correct signals to stimulate the testes, low testosterone levels may be caused. Because of this sperm cannot be produced.
Sexual problems – Sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction, ejaculation difficulties, low libido or lack of sex drive can prevent a couple from conceiving.
Underlying medical conditions – An existing medical condition such as thyroid disease, diabetes or Cushings syndrome may also affect fertility.
Genetic defects – In the genetic defect Klinefelter’s syndrome, a man has two X chromosomes and one Y chromosome instead of one X and one Y. This causes abnormal development of the testicles, resulting in low or absent sperm production.

Risk factors that affect male infertility

There are several risk factors that may affect male infertility – some of which can be avoided.
Age – A man’s fertility declines as he ages. It has been estimated that the amount of semen ejaculated and sperm motility begins to slowly decrease in men or from the age of 37 years.
Tobacco smoking – Smoking tobacco is believed to affect the quality of semen. Not only does smoking pose a health risk to the smoker but a larger number of birth defects have been found in the children of men who smoke.
Alcohol – Drinking large amounts of alcohol can have negative effects on the reproductive system. It is also detrimental to your liver and general health.
Recreational drugs – Drugs such as anabolic steroids, generally used by athletes, reduce sperm production by stopping the hormones made by the pituitary gland. Other drugs such as cocaine or heroine also affect sexual performance and health.
Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) – Sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea and genital herpes can affect sperm production and damage the epididymis, preventing sperm from passing from the testes to ejaculate. If you have an STD, seek immediate treatment from your health practitioner. Practice safe sex and make sure that you are tested for STD’s before planning a family.
Tight underwear – Research has suggested that tight underwear can decrease sperm counts. Wear loose boxer shorts to reduce the chances of heat stress on sperm production.
Hot baths, saunas and spas – Men should avoid hot baths, saunas and spas because the body temperature, especially around the testes, can reduce sperm production. Sperm require a cool environment to develop.

How do the herbs in BABY Capsule work to help couples who are struggling to get pregnant?

No medicine, including herbal medicine, can help if there are structural problems that affect infertility or when infertility is due to serious genetic problems. It is therefore important to consult your doctor in order to find out what is preventing pregnancy. This will ensure that you receive the correct treatment.Where there are no structural or genetic causes of infertility, BABY Capsule can help to improve fertility and ensure that the male and female reproductive systems are in peak health in order to increase the chances of conceiving a baby.
Some of the herbs can also correct hormone imbalances and increase sperm and testosterone production, as well as regulate the process of ovulation, promoting the production of healthy eggs.For those couples who are eager to conceive, using BABY Capsule will optimize reproductive health and promote easy and healthy conception.If you are struggling to conceive, BABY Capsule will help treat the problems that are making it difficult to get pregnant, ensuring that all systems in the reproductive process are operating normally and therefore increasing the chances of conception.

Main Herbal Combinations Used In BABY Capsule Are:

Ingredients quantity
Asparagus adscendens 125 mg
Centella asiatica 125 mg
Withania Somnifera 100 mg
Tribulus terristis 75 mg
Sida cordifolia 50 mg
Nigella sativa 25 mg

Purchase BABY CAPSULE with Confidence. Based on Scientific Clinical Research, it’s Guaranteed to Work.

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