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Lady Care Capsule – Leucorrhoea Natural Treatment


Leucorrhoea Herbal Remedy: Herbal Remedies for Leucorrhoea – White Discharge Natural Treatment

Lady Care Capsule is a natural solution for leucorrhoea and vaginal contraction. It helps in correcting white discharge or leucorrhoea and contracting and toning up lax and sagging vaginal muscles.The one in all solution to stubborn leucorrhea. Lady Care is the ultimate herbal combination rich in iron, to eradicate leucorrhea, menstruation problems and urinary tract infections.

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Main Features of Lady Care Capsules Are:

  • Leucorrhea
  • Abnormal vaginal discharge
  • Irregular Menstruation
  • Vaginal Irritation
  • Itching around the outside of the vagina
  • White Discharge , Yellow Discharge
  • Urinary Tract Infection
  • Well balanced combination of pure herbs.
  • has stimulatory action on endometrial wall.
  • Improves Uterine Circulation.
  • Astringent action on mucus membrane of genital tract controls leucorrhoea and maintains normal vaginal pH.
  • Improves general health and relieves associated symptoms.
  • Re-strengthens the reproductive tissues thus restores their vitality.
  • Provide anti-inflammatory activity and reduces the risk of PIDS.
  • Is the best treatment for light yellow and white discharge and remove odour of Vagina.

The use of natural products provides progressive, long lasting, safer results, and advised to use until the best results achieved.

Are you facing problems like:

1. Vaginal irritation
2. Leucorrhoea
3. Vaginal discharge
4. White discharge
5. Urinary tract infection
6. Yellow discharge

Then you might be suffering from leucorrhoea.

sexiest girls, sexiest man, sexiest man alive, sexiest photos, sexiest pics, sexiest picturesLady Care capsules are herbal capsules specially formulated to treat leucorrhoea or excessive white vaginal discharge and uterine prolapse.Lady Care capsules simulate astringent action in vaginal mucosa and reduce excessive white discharge in the vaginal tract. It overcomes unpleasant odor and reduces pelvic congestion and relieves pruritis vulvae. Lady Care capsules restore vaginal pH.
Lady Care capsule comprises of herbal ingredients that work best in excessive white vaginal discharge treatment. It helps fight against infections and promote hormonal balance. Lady Care capsule benefits you as an astringent and takes care of your urinary tract infections especially those caused by fungal infections and bacterial infections.
Lady Care Capsule is clinically proven therapy for the triumphant management of Leucorrhoea Gives relief by successfully controlling:-

  • Excessive vaginal discharge
  • Pain in back and pelvic area
  • Pain in abdominal area
  • Itching over the affected area
  • Redness and tenderness
  • Burning micturition and pain
  • Weakness and mental tension associated with Leucorrhoea

Lady Care Capsule, the herbal leucorrhoea treatment corrects menstrual disorders such as dysmenorrhoea, menorrhagia, polymenorrhea, metropathic menses, oligomenorrhea and secondary amenorrhoea. It helps in relieving menopausal syndrome symptoms such as loss of appetite, body ache, pelvic pain, headache, backache, giddiness and hot flushes. This herbal leucorrhoea treatment is also helpful in nervous and psychogenic disorders such as hysteria, anxiety, neurosis, insomnia, apathy, agitation, irritability and fatigue.
Lady Care capsule is considered as the most authentic herbal formulation for treating problems like leucorrhoea, vaginal discharge, menstrual problems, PMS and other gynecological problems. The two major ingredients of Lady Care – Symplocos racemosa (Lodhra) and Saraca indica (Ashoka) are well known for their support in the gynecological problems as well as leucorrhoea. These two herbs along with other potent herbs present in Lady Care are helpful in treating all kind of female genital tract problems.
Leucorrhoea is a female disorder in which there is a white discharge from the female genitals. It may be thick, viscid and foul smelling if it is caused by some infection. It is generally associated with weakness, depression and loneliness. There are two types of leucorrhoea, physiological and pathological.
Leucorrhoea is the excess discharge of colorless or white mucus kind of material from vagina. Sometimes the discharge is thick and sticky. It can smell either normal or be odorless or bad in smell. Small quantities of vaginal discharge are normal in adolescent women but excess release of fluid can be caused by severe infection or some medical problem.It is generally caused due to unhygienic conditions and microbial infection in female genital tract. Weak body immunity is also an important factor in cause of leucorrhoea.
Females of any species have being the carrier of the progeny. She has been provided with the powers to conceive and then give birth to the same progeny of the species. Human female also gives birth to a baby. Though it seems to be very easy process but it is actually a very complex process. Female body is entirely controlled by hormones that make all the child birth possible. Though this is a blessing by God as she has the power to make her progeny to progress but still she has to face lots of agony and troubles.
Female reproductive tract is one of the most complex systems of the body. The hormonal effects make it susceptible to various wanted and unwanted effects. The menstrual cycles plays one the most important role in the life of a female. But it carry with it lots of problems and pains that only female can understand.
Leucorrhea is commonly known as white discharge. It is a female disease of the genital tract, in which a white discharge is seen from the vagina. Even its Sanskrit name, shwetapradara, is made up of two words – shweta which means ‘white’ and pradara which means ‘discharge’.
Leucorrhea is simply defined as a whitish discharge from the female vaginal tract. The discharge could be a smooth flow, or it could be sticky and lumpy. In most women, the nature of the discharge changes as their age advances or if they travel a lot.
Vaginal discharge is quite a normal and healthy phenomenon in females to an extent. The discharge is actually a fluid form of all the worn out and dead cells in the vaginal tract, along with other toxic materials that are eliminated continuously from the vagina. In a healthy woman, such discharges are whitish in color. But if the discharge darkens in color, then it requires medical attention.
Though shwetapradara literally means ‘white discharge’, the medical condition refers to the serious condition where there is some abnormality in the manner of the discharge.
Physiological Leucorrhoea: It is an excessive discharge or secretions of a normal vagina. They are slimy in nature. It may be due to excitement and other factors like nervousness etc.

Pathological Leucorrhoea:

It is a discharge occurring due to disease or malfunction of the female reproductive tract. The causes of pathological leucorrhoea are:-
1. Infection from bacteria, fungus & parasites.
2. Injury to vagina and cervix
3. Poor hygienic conditions and lack of cleanliness.


Take 1-2 capsules of Lady Care twice a day or as directed by physician.

Causes of Leucorrhoea

1. It is a condition in which the natural defense mechanism of the body becomes active and releases the fluid to preserve the flexibility of the tissues. It is commonly seen in pregnant women, which is caused due to increase in blood flow to the reproductive organs which increases the release of estrogen hormone.
2. After delivery it can be seen in women, accompanied by pain in the back and it is cased because of the failure of the ovulation.
3. It can be caused by the condition in which the uterus fails to get back to the pre-pregnant shape and size after delivery.
4. It can be a symptom for STDs and one of the common forms of STD in women causing excess discharge is trichomoniasis .The color of discharge in this condition depends on the kind of infection and in trichononiasis the color can be greenish or yellow.
5. Fungal infections can cause the release of thick and itching discharge which is also called thrush.
6. Unhygienic habits such as sharing toilet can cause infection. Sometimes infection is caused because the women forget to remove tampons.
7. It can be caused by cervical polyp and erosion which can cause excess discharge of brown color fluid.
8. Inflammation of pelvis can cause the condition. The infection can be caused by a number of bacteria or virus.
9. Women who are weak and regularly suffer from anemia or TB may suffer from infectious discharge which is caused because of the poor resistance power of the body.
10. It is also caused by the bad eating habits. Excess stress and worry can also result in release of fluid discharge.
11. It can be caused by some medical condition in which the woman suffers from disease of reproductive organ.
12. It can be caused by hormonal imbalance. The release of excess estrogen can cause a change in the fluid discharge and malignancy. The discharge can even be seen in girls before the onset of monthly cycle.
13. In some new born babies it is observed and in such condition it is transmitted from the mother.


1. The white discharge release can be very abnormal and may cause itching. The odor is sometimes very strong and the discharge cannot stop even on using sanitary pads.
2. The color of discharge can be brown, white, grey white, rusty or green.
3. Foul smelling post partum discharge which is basically caused in pregnant women due to lochia – the fluid containing the discharge, mucus, placental tissues, blood etc.
4. Feeling pain in the abdomen and burning sensation.
5. In extreme cases the pain can be felt in anal region along with itching and burning sensation in genitals.


  1. Proper care of hygiene should be taken care of.
  2. Undergarments should be washed carefully to avoid any infections
  3. Diet should be taken in limited amount with light and easily digestible foodstuff.
  4. Exercises should be included in daily life style
  5. Proper rest and sleep should be taken
  6. Avoid spicy food like pickles.


  1. One banana twice a day with ghee is the best remedy for leucorrhoea
  2. Turmeric mixed with garlic (if discharge is less dense) or guggulu (if discharge is thick) gives very good results.
  3. Chopchini (Smilax china) powder mixed with milk should be taken to see best results in leucorrhoea
  4. Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) mixed with ashwagandha (withania somnifera) has great potency in treating leucorrhoea
  5. Guggulu (Commiphora mukul), giloye (Tinospora cordifolia) and shilajit mixture is also beneficial.
  6. Supari (Areca catechu) with gulukand (rose petals in sugar) is very beneficial.

Diet For Leucorrhoea Patient

Fried and spicy food should completely be avoided. The patient should not be allowed to keep her stomach empty for a long time. She should not take heavy, indigestible food material. Sour items especially pickle and curds are forbidden. Intake of supari after taking food is very useful both for avoidance and cure of this disease.

Life Style Of The Patient

The patient should be free from worries and should not keep herself awake late in the night. Sexual intercourse during the attack of this disease is forbidden. A brisk walk in the early morning helps in the early cure of leucorrhoea. Sanitary and hygienic measures should be followed cautiously.

Main Herbal Combinations Used In LADY CARE Herbal Capsule Are:

Ingredients quantity
Chhali 25 mg
Konch 37.50 mg
Mazoo 37.50 mg
Tukhm-Tamar Hindi 12.50 mg
Chuniya Gond 12.50 mg
Kushta Baizamurgh 50 mg
Kushta Qalai 45 mg
Satawar 12.50 mg
Gokhru 15 mg


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I am looking for herbal leucorrhoea treatment. Is there any natural cure or remedy for leucorrhoea?

Lady Care capsule is a clinically formulated herbal remedy for white discharge or leucorrhoea treatment. The antibiotic and anti-inflammatory constituents of Lady Care capsule combat with the infective and inflammatory pathologies of female’s genitor-urinary tract and cure leucorrhoea and inflammatory conditions of uterus, vagina, cervix, fallopian tubes, ovaries and the urinary bladder.

What additional things I need to do to prevent leucorrhoea?

Eat easily digestive, soft and nourishing foods. Include fruits and vegetables in your diet and drink plenty of water. Avoid red chilies, sour food items, fried foods, excess sweet, molasses, pulses, junk and fast foods. Stay away from stress, anxiety, worry and mental excitement.

Is there any side effect of Lady Care Capsule?

Lady Care capsule, the herbal leucorrhoea treatment is not known to have any side effects as it is made of herbs and natural ingredients. It is 100% natural and safe. You can take Lady Care capsule for long term without any fear of side effects.

How long I need to take Lady Care capsules?

It is recommended to take Lady Care capsules consistently for at least 1-2 months for permanent cure of white discharge or leucorrhoea treatment.

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“I was tired of having to use pads throughout the month due to a white discharge in between menstrual cycles. I also had other irritating symptoms like itching and pain while passing urine. My lower back ached too. I tried your Leucorrhoea Lady Care Capsule. Your product reduced the pain and discharge but it hadn’t stopped totally. I spoke to your doctor who informed me that a little discharge in relation to my menses was a normal phenomenon. I wasn’t aware of this. Thank you for being so caring.** ”

Alba, LA, Sept 19, 07.

“You have been such an angel, now i saw changes no more white discharge im absolutely clear. I thank u so much for your product lady care , it actually cares ladies.”

Eddy, Australia

“I was suffering from irregular menstruation cycle and having lot of problem along with iron deficiency and had taken many medicine and two year back one ayurvedic doctor referred this to me. I had taken 3 bottle and it suited me very much and my condition was improved and i was very much satisfied by improving my health. But to my surprise after one month it was went out of shop in shimla and i tried to get in every ayurvedic shop in Chandigarh, Panchkula and Dehradun also, but every time to my surprise every shopkeeper is referring some other medicine and every doctor is referring some other medicine. I tried many other capsules but they were not so effective as the Lady Care. At moment I want 6 bottles only i would appreciate if you can mail me the cost.”


“I have suffered from what is commonly known as atrophic vaginitis, for ten years, during this time I have been treated by the medical profession with various HRT. however, the side effects produced by the doctor’s medication were totally unacceptable. I have great delight in reporting to you that after taking Lady Care capsule for only seven days my symptoms completely disappeared. The relief after so many years of feeling quite wretched about myself is enormous.
My doctor is amazed and we are both now taking a more natural approach to my post menopausal symptoms. Thank you.

Sylvia Thorpe, Kent. England

I have already reordered. So far so good. Last month around my period I started to have the familiar nerve pain, so I used the lady care product. It took about 2 1/2 days for the pain to subside but the outbreak never occurred, which is a first in a very long time. I have suffered with monthly outbreaks for many years and overall about 30 years, I am ready to be done with them for good. Thank you for giving me some hope that it might be possible.

Chris, September 4, 09

Hi, I just wanted to say that I am thankful for the things I’m getting from you, because I have been through a lot and including the damn adverse drug reaction that I went through and it was hectic for me. And I just wanted to thank God that there are doctors like you so I am truly thankful. Thank you very much for your help and God bless you.

Amanda, September 2, 09

Thanks lady care product. The Ultimate bottle has cured my herpes completely. I got herpes a year and a half ago and have been breaking out for long spells at least every other month. I was honestly so skeptical about your company but was quite fed-up and just decided to give it a go. I’m real glad I did because….just 2 weeks into the kit I was completely rid of my symptoms. I took 2 bottles just in case. Finished with the 2nd bottle over a month ago. I hope the herpes never returns! So far I’m extremely happy.

K.M, NY, 3rd March, 09

I have tried every herbal and prescription product out there for herpes including valtrex, larrea, red marine algae, dmso and ozone therapy. Nothing comes close to the results I saw with the Lady Care product which I took for 3 months. I have no symptoms left whatsoever and am leading a regular life now almost forgetting that I ever had herpes. I feel like this is a herpes cure and wonder why they say it is impossible to cure herpes.”

M.N, Dallas, 4th Jan, 06

I love your Lady Care product. I suffered for 8 years with herpes and believe me I tried every remedy there is! I chatted with your doctor and he told me it would take at least two bottles to help me in my case. I was completely rid of the outbreak by the end of the first bottle itself and the amazing part is that the herpes has not returned. It’s been a year now and I really think that I’m rid of this thing for good.

S.B, 29th Oct, 07

When I 1st checked out your site on a friend’s advice I found I couldn’t afford the remedies and was very disheartened. Your doctor was extremely kind to me and offered me a discount. I am so glad that I decided to go for the Lady Care Product after all. I was really suffering with frequent herpes outbreaks and was constantly feeling embarrassed and depressed. The bottle worked wonders for me. I haven’t broken out for a year now.

N.M, Arizona, May 21, 08

I had an outbreak for 3 months non stop! The itching and tingling was driving me crazy! The tried Acyclovir – it didn’t work. Then I was recommended the Lady Care product. I’m amazed at the result and wanted to write in a testimony. Man this stuff really works! The outbreak subsided pretty quickly and now the itching has also completely gone.

S.J, LA, 2nd April, 09

I have already written about my dramatic results with your Lady Care product to on 2 different message boards and I have also told my Dr. about them. You may see a big order coming from my Dr. as she wanted to order some for her other patients. I feel like I have gotten all my life back. I can date anyone I want and not be worried about my almost constant out breaks.

Purchase LADY CARE Capsule with Confidence. Based on Scientific Clinical Research, it’s 100% Guaranteed to Work.

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