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Natural Male Breast Enlargement & Reduction


Ever dreamed of beautiful feminine breasts?
Be true to yourself.
Develop real breasts naturally.
With BIG-BXL your dreams can become real.

Male Breast Enhancement

Male breast enhancement comprises of reduction as well as enlargement. In case of obese men, excessive material collects over the pectoral region providing an impression of feminine breasts. Those who have high levels of estrogen have an inclination to have bigger breasts. Those men having small pectoral muscles try for breast enlargement.

Male Breast Enlargement

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With Big-BXL herbal capsule you can gain:

  • Promotes the breast size from 1 to 3 cup size
  • Enhances Nutritional support for Breast Care
  • Promotes the firmness of the breast & cleavage
  • Helpful Results of enlargement & Firmness
  • Promotes healthier Skin and Hair
  • Phyto-estrogens promotes the breast tissue development
  • Promotes glandular tissue growth

breast enlargement, breast augmentation, big breasts, breast enlargement, breast enhancement, bigger breastsIf you are a transsexual or gentleman that would like natural feminine breasts you are not alone. Males wanting male breast enlargement are often faced with many challenges. Taking expensive drugs for male breast enlargement is usually dangerous and disappointing. With embarrassing doctors visits and possible discrimination. These days transsexual ladies seek new methods to gain larger feminine breasts and move naturally from male to female.
BIG-BXL is a herbal supplement that helps balance and increase the presence of estrogen, progesterone, prolactin, prostaglandins, and GF compounds. The proper balances of these hormones results in natural male breast enlargement with the development of new breast tissue.
breast enlargement, breast augmentation, big breasts, breast enlargement, breast enhancement, bigger breastsOriginally developed for women BIG-BXL successfully enlarges breasts of biological males. It has been shown to provide even better results for biological males than it does for females. BIG-BXL male breast capsules are prescription free and available worldwide through this website. For many biological men seeking male breast enlargement BIG-BXL has not only made them look more feminine but helped them develop emotionally.
Male breast enlargement is similar to women breast enlargement. For male breast enlargement different options exist like breast enlargement capsules, exercises and surgical implants. All these methods were actually devised for women. The best way of male breast enlargement is to choose herbal treatment. Many people who desire big breasts usually do not opt for the surgical procedures and rather take BIG-BXL breast enlargement capsules and perform breast enlargement exercises. These methods are safe compared to surgery and less expensive.
In case of men as well as women, the success of these methods varies as per the individuals. Some of the men report that capsules have worked better for them, while some say exercises are better. Generally, exercises are coupled with the right BIG-BXL Capsules for good results. Those men who only lift weights, but do not take additional supplements grow only muscles, but do not increase the breasts.

Main Herbal Combinations Used In BIG-BXL Herbal Capsule Are:

Ingredients quantity
Trigonella Foenum Graecum 37.50 mg
Foeniculum vulgare 37.50 mg
Withania Somnifera 37.50 mg
Asparagus racemosus 37.50 mg
Asparagus adscendens 25 mg
Viola Odorata 12.50 mg
Hordeum Vulgars 25 mg
Pueraria tuberose 25 mg
Nigella Sativa 12.50 mg

Purchase BIG-BXL Capsule with Confidence. Based on Scientific Clinical Research, it’s Guaranteed to Work.


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Male Breast Reduction

Cute-B is the #1 selling natural breast reduction product on the market today! It is a unique blend of high quality herbal ingredients. Cute-B is the most affordable and effective non-surgical breast reduction treatment available to you without a prescription. If you are not happy with your over sized breasts, then discover the benefits of Cute-B breast reduction capsules today!
Benefit of Cute-B Breast Reduction Capsule

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  • Tightens and improves apparent tone, firmness, and contours.
  • Improves the firm feel of the supporting skin of the breast (the skin that extends from the breasts to the chin), creating a “natural breast lift.”
  • Prevents loss of firmness in the future and enhances the support and contour of the bust.
  • Improves the visible tone and texture of the skin.
  • Refines and firms breast contours, enhances the body’s youthful qualities.
  • Improves the firm feel of the supporting skin of the breast, essential for a beautiful shape.
  • Does not increase breast size.
  • change your shape
  • 100% Natural ,Safe and No Side Effect.

Cute-B breast reduction capsule contains a host of ingredients that are reputed to help regulate female hormones. There are also ingredients that aid digestion and skin health in order to make sure the estrogen regulating botanical can function as efficiently as possible. This of course means that these botanical can also help lessen symptoms brought on by the menstrual cycle, such as abdominal cramps.Cute-B is made of a specially formulated proprietary blend of many herbals known to regulate hormones in order to maximize results.
Our breast reduction capsule “Cute-B” is based on age old Unani Herbalism,which is derived from Hippocrates theory. It’s a synthesis of the Greek and the Arab systems. Its fundamental theory is that of four humors present in the human body–blood,phlegm, black pile and yellow bile. As long as these humors are in normal balance, in normal quantities and in the proper regions of the body, the human system works properly and healthy. Any imbalance or abnormality in humors results in diseases. The unani physicians restore the normalcy of humors by potent, time tested herbal medicines.

Purchase CUTE-B Capsule with Confidence. Based on Scientific Clinical Research, it’s Guaranteed to Work.

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What is BIG-BXL male breast enlargement?

BIG-BXL is an all natural supplement developed to naturally develop feminine breasts for biological males.

Are there any side effects?

BIG-BXL is an all natural herbal supplement so you will not experience any side effects.

How do you take BIG-BXL?

Simply take 3 capsules daily. Each bottle contains a one month supply.

How does BIG-BXL work?

BIG-BXL is a revolutionary blend of organic herbs that safely and effectively enhance male breast size. BIG-BXL is a 100% natural supplement that helps balance and increase the presence of estrogen, progesterone, prolactin, prostaglandins, and GF compounds. The proper balances of these hormones results in natural male breast enlargement through the development of male breast tissue.

Are the results permanent?

Yes. BIG-BXL male breast enlargement capsules increase the amount of cells in the mammary glands. Once you have these extra cells in the breasts they don’t go away.

Are there any side effects?

The herbs used in our herbal formula have been used for hundreds of years in medicinal applications with no adverse side effects. There are no known side effects with BIG-BXL use. There are no synthetic additives, colorings, or artificial preservatives in the product.

Will I gain weight?

No. BIG-BXL does not increase your overall body weight, or cause you to gain additional weight. The purpose of our natural supplement is to provide a natural route to male breast enlargement. As your breasts develop they will appear fuller firmer and more feminine.

How long will it take to see results?

You will enjoy some firming and fullness after three or four weeks. The main male breast growth occurs between one and three months. At the end of two months you should see between half a cup and a full cup increase in breast size. For most continued use will increase the cup by two sizes. Natural male breast enlargement can take a little time as your body stimulates development. Be patient when expecting results and remember that to get the best gains you should take the capsules with plenty of water.

Can you take too many capsules?

The recommended dose is 1 capsule 3 times per day spread out through the day with a glass of water each time. The water is needed to properly hydrate the herbal ingredients for good male breast enlargement results. Taking more than the recommended dose can sometimes cause nausea and headache due to too much of any one ingredient in your system. Also, if you take more you may not absorb all the ingredients and could effectively be wasting capsules. We recommend sticking with the recommended dose of 1 capsule 3 times per day, this should produce good gains. Male breast growth of up to 2 cup sizes is easily achieved when BIG-BXL is taken correctly.

Are there any restrictions to taking BIG-BXL?

To enjoy good results without interfering with the body’s natural growing process we recommend BIG-BXL only to men over the age of 18.

What is the difference between BIG-BXL and other products?

The largest difference is that BIG-BXL is all natural. There are no synthetic additives, artificial preservatives, or colorings in the product. We use oat bran as a natural filler for our capsules, and we use glycerin for our liquid medium. With BIG-BXL, your natural breast enhancement will happen steadily over time. Taking BIG-BXL on a regular basis will give you natural looking feminine breasts.

Does BIG-BXL interact with any medications?

Those taking high blood pressure medications may require a longer period of time to see results. In any event, please consult with your doctor if you have any concerns about BIG-BXL interacting with your current medications.

How large are the BIG-BXL capsules?

Our male breast enlargement capsules are multivitamin size. If you have a hard time swallowing capsules BIG-BXL gives you the choice of taking the capsule whole or taking it apart and mixing the internal herbal ingredients with some food (peanut butter and jam are two popular choices) for easier digestion. Natural male breast enhancement doesn’t have to be difficult!

Should I take BIG-BXL with food?

It is not necessary to take BIG-BXL with food. The important thing to remember if you are seriously seeking male breast enhancement is to take each capsule with a full glass of water. Water is essential in the body to hydrate the herbal ingredients found in the BIG-BXL formula for the best breast size gains.

I have high blood pressure, can I use male breast enlargement capsules?

BIG-BXL won’t raise or lower systemic blood pressure, however if you are currently taking high blood pressure medication or anti-inflammatory medication then you may not see fast results. Please contact your doctor if you are taking any regular medication to ensure our herbal product won’t interfere with the effectiveness of your prescriptions.

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Hello my name is Gina
To begin I would like to thank you all so much for answering all the tough questions I had. I began with a small A cup, now after only three months I can fit into a full C cup bra.
I started out with low expectations but it wasn’t long before I was pleasantly surprised. I started noticing results after only three weeks, and my sports bra was getting tight. So I went to the store and tried on some A bras and to my surprise I filled them out quite nicely. I found that the best results have come from taking the recommend three capsules daily. I am in the process of changing my name to a female name to suit me better. Thank you so much BIG-BXL!

Gina (previously John)

I just wanted to write and tell you my wonderful news. I know it might not sound like a big size increase but to me it was perfect. I wasn’t going to measure myself until 3 months was up but I kept noticing I was getting bigger. I figured it was just wishful thinking, but the more I looked I knew I must of grown at least some.
Before starting BIG-BXL my Bust line was 34 inches. Now just two months later, I measure by Bust line is 35 1/2 inches. My breasts are getting a rounder and more beautiful everyday. They are starting to become fuller and firmer as they grow out more. So far…I love them and I am so excited I had to tell you that BIG-BXL is amazing.Thanks for everything,


I thought these breast enlargement capsules were all the same. After researching site after site, I finally chose this one. How many other websites have male breast enlargement capsules? I originally began talking with Linda, she discussed that these capsules were effective on males (which I am by the way). As every one else I was skeptical still, so I bought just a one month supply.
Within one week I began to feel some weird chest tingles. My nipples began to widen and my chest began to itch all within the first month. I know, just imagining right? Well I decided one way to see my progress was to get a bra, I bought a 34 b bra. It was the right size around (34) but the cups (yeah right).
Today I am 3 months into my capsules and you know that bra, well It’s not empty now. I fully recommend BIG-BXL if you were discouraged with other natural supplements this one is for real.Good Luck and thank you!




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