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Natural Remedies for Blocked Fallopian Tubes


Unblock your fallopian tubes naturally

blocked fallopian tubes, infertility, fertility treatment, blocked fallopian tubes, treatment blocked tubes, natural cure, herbal tampons, herbs unblock fallopian tubes, open fallopian tubes, scar tissue, herbal remedy, blocked tube infertility, blocked tubes, damaged fallopian tube, scar, adhesionsThe fallopian tubes play an important role in pregnancy or conception. This branch outs from either side of the body of the uterus and forms the passages through which the egg is conducted from the ovary into the uterus. The fallopian tubes are about 10 cm long & the outer end of each tube is funnel shaped, ending in long fringes called fimbriae. The fimbriae catch the mature egg and channel it down into the fallopian tube when it is released from the ovary.
Fallopian tube itself is highly movable muscular structure capable of precisely coordinated movement. The egg & the sperm meet in the outer half of the fallopian tube, called the ampulla fertilization occurs here, after which the fertilized egg now called an embryo its way down the tube towards the uterus. The uterine end of the fallopian tube, called the isthmus, prevents the embryo from being released into the uterus until just the right time for implantation, which is about 4 to 7 days after ovulation.
The tube is much more complex than a simple pipe, and the lining of the tube is folded and lined with microscopic hair like projection called cilia, whose beating pushes the egg and embryo along the tube, the tubal lining also produces a fluid that nourishes the egg and embryo during its sojourn in the tube.Fallopian tube abnormalities account for between 25% and 50% of female infertility. Damages to fallopian tubes usually occur through pelvic infection, often due to unknown causes.

There are certain causes of pelvic infection:

  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Infection after childbirth, miscarriage, medical termination of pregnancy (MTP) or IUD (intrauterine device) insertion.
  • Postoperative pelvic infection (e.g. surgery for perforated appendix, ovarian cysts)
  • Severe endometriosis’s
  • Tuberculosis

Besides causing blocked tubes, any pelvic inflammatory disease can also produce bands of scar tissue, called adhesions, which can alter the functioning of the fallopian tubes. Pelvic tuberculosis is a fairy common cause of tubal damage in India. It is a silent disease, and most women suffering from pelvic tuberculosis are unaware of this fact. The tuberculosis bacteria reach the tubes from the lungs through the bloodstream & can cause irreparable tubal damage. There are also certain other abnormalities in which fallopian tubes get damaged but they are very minimal. These abnormalities can be treated successfully through unani herbal medications.

Blocked Fallopian Tubes

The fallopian tubes are the channels between the uterus and the ovaries. Sometimes these tubes are to found to be blocked or at least one is blocked or there is scarring or other damage to the tube. This damage can lead to infertility. Around 20 to 25% of infertility is caused due to these factors.
Blocked fallopian tubes is one of the major causes of infertility among women who suffer from it. When blocked, they prevent the egg from moving to the uterus where fertilization takes place. Tubal infertility can be caused due to pelvic inflammatory diseases (PID). As an infection begins the body gets ready to attack. White blood cells and other fluids fill the tubes to fight the infection. If the body resistance is good it wins but in the bargain the fragile walls of the tube get scarred.
Due to this, the end of the tube towards the ovaries can get partially or completely blocked and scarred tissues form on the outside of the tube. These circumstances can affect the functions of the ovaries and the fallopian tube and can lead to infertility. However if a PID is treated in the initial stages and controlled these damages will not occur.
Pelvic infections can also take place due to sexually transmitted infections like chlamydeous or gonorrhoea. Termination of pregnancy, miscarriage or difficulty at birth, intrauterine contraceptive methods could also contribute to PID. However the actual main cause of the infection is never known.
Thus if the fallopian tubes are not functioning right, they will not be able to carry the eggs from the ovary to the uterus. This malfunction will lead to more complications. The obvious damage being infertility.

With BABY Capsule you can unblock your blocked fallopian tubes naturally at home!

BABY Capsule is sought after for its ability to safely unblock fallopian tubes, thus allowing women to conceive in the way nature intended, but there is much more!
BABY Capsule is the original and only herbal treatment known to unblock the fallopian tubes without the use of any chemicals, medications or invasive surgical procedures. In order to restore the female reproductive health, we include only premium grade organic herbal ingredients, and in addition BABY Capsule provides the following remarkable benefits:

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  • acts as a powerful antibacterial remedy
  • strengthens the reproductive system
  • strengthens the immune system
  • shrinks and reduces fibroid
  • eliminates or soothes menstrual pains
  • boosts enjoyment of intimacy
  • heals vaginal discharge
  • eliminates foul odors
  • improves vaginal cleanness to optimal
  • improves sensitivity and overall condition of the reproductive system resulting in better and more fulfilling sex life
  • delays the effects of menopause (women who have used BABY Capsule have reportedly remained fertile well into their fifties)

hot breast, hot breast massage, hot call girl, hot call girls, hot car sex, girls photoMany women worldwide have difficulty becoming pregnant, but please realize that you are not alone and assistance is available. A lot of people have problems with fertility; nearly 10 percent of females who try to BABY Capsule have trouble with being infertile. Many different reasons exist as to why a woman cannot get pregnant; most common problems are related to ovulation issues related to hormone issues and poor egg quality.
BABY Capsule is a specially formulated herbal supplement on the basis of established scientific literature to help optimize fertility safely and naturally. It is the only fertility enhancing supplement that offers complete preconception vitamin support. Studies indicate that preconception multivitamin supplementation in and of itself may improve fertility and increase your chances of conception.
A key ingredient in BABY Capsule, supports hormonal balance and normal ovulation frequency. BABY Capsule customers report improved regularity of ovulation and menstrual health. BABY Capsule promotes reproductive wellness in women. The herbal and nutritional ingredients of BABY Capsule have all been selected for their roles in promoting reproductive wellness.
BABY Capsule is designed to promote regular ovulation and female hormonal balance and improve fertility as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. It is a complete natural formula that does not require any prescription. It contains no artificial dyes, colors, or preservatives.
BABY Capsule is an herbal remedy which is also helpful in improving the health of female reproductive organs. The herb balances hormone secretion in female body and cleans the vessels. The herb helps in improving the fertility and provides nourishment to the ovaries and fallopian tubes. The plant based compound found in the herb produces estrogen which helps in balancing the female hormone secreted in women’s body.
Many different types of bacterial infections and pelvic inflammatory diseases raise the risk of infertility in women. BABY Capsule reduces the infections around the female reproductive organs. It increases the production of white blood count to improve immunity of female organs and to strengthen the parts. The components of BABY Capsule include vitamin B components, calcium, zinc and bioflavinoids. The herb nourishes the womb and ovum and prepares the female organs for pregnancy and prevents threatened miscarriage.
BABY Capsule has the correct amount of herbs, minerals, amino acids, and vitamins to help your actual hormone levels and make your eggs healthier. If you use this 100% natural product, there will be no doctor’s visits or prescriptions to worry about. But if you have some major health issue, you need to talk with your doctor before taking the product.
Instructions are to easily swallow 2 capsules everyday and in just several weeks your hormone levels will be normal, you will have healthier eggs and be more fertile, which will make your chances better for becoming pregnant. The majority of our clients are able to get pregnant within ninety days of starting the product, especially if both partners are consuming the product. A few couples might find it takes six months to conceive.
Usually there are only four days out of the month when a healthy woman is in the correct time of her cycle to conceive, about 17 to 13 days before menstruation, so ideally one ought to take the capsules at least two weeks before this and have sex as often as possible in this time period. BABY Capsule also has a variety of natural aphrodisiacs to enhance your arousal and sexual desire. These will help you to be able to perform at your best and have the increased sexual desire needed during this demanding period. Herbs, amino acids and vitamins are contained in the BABY Capsule to assist the reproductive system and balance the hormones.
BABY Capsule is a female infertility capsule that was created to help stabilize the hormones as well as encourage female fertility. It’s easy to take and comes in a conveniently sized, easy for you to ingest capsule form. It’s also the only real female infertility vitamin available on the market that have one hundred percent recommended daily allowance of vitamins, minerals as well as anti-oxidants. It’s also 100% safe and all-natural without any artificial preservative chemicals, colors, additives or side effects.

Causes Of Female Infertility?

Health problems that cause hormonal changes: There are some health issues that may also increase the risk of infertility. Women who suffer from irregular periods or no menstrual periods, painful periods, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, uterine fibroids or more than one miscarriage should consult their gynecologist or obstetrician.
Hypothyroidism: Many women that are diagnosed with hypothyroidism find it very hard to get pregnant due to irregular menstruations and the lack of ovulation.
Hyperthyroidism: Just like hypothyroidism, the lack of releasing an egg while suffering with hyperthyroidism may make it impossible for a women to get pregnant.
Alcohol: Regular drinking of alcohol can affect fertility. Drinking large amounts of alcohol regularly may cause menstrual cycles to be irregular, increase the risk of miscarriage and birth defects in the baby.
Anemia: Anemia is a condition in which the blood doesn’t have enough healthy red blood cells, which provide oxygen to body tissues. The most common form of anemia is iron deficient anemia, which has been linked to infertility. Iron deficiency is twice as likely to create ovulatory dysfunction in women of child-bearing years.
Blocked Fallopian Tubes: A blocked fallopian tube rarely causes any symptoms besides infertility. When a fallopian tube is blocked, the egg cannot reach the uterus and therefore cannot reach the sperm, preventing pregnancy.
Candida: Candida albicans is a natural fungus in the body; it is the cause for yeast infections in the mouth and genital areas. Though this fungus doesn’t cause any problems normally, sometimes when the fungus becomes imbalanced it can cause diseases in the vaginal tract, thus causing infertility.
Ovulation problems: are the primary cause of female infertility. If ovulation does not occur, no eggs may be fertilized. However, there are also many contributing factors that can affect a woman’s ability to have a baby.
Age: Fertility peaks for both men and women in their mid-twenties. Most healthy women under the age of 30 generally do not have to be concerned about infertility unless they have been trying to get pregnant for at least a year. If much time has passed, women should consult their obstetrician or gynecologist for a fertility evaluation. Infertility increases with age. Women in their 30′s who have been trying to get pregnant for six months should consult with their doctor. For a woman over the age of 35, conceiving may become a problem.
Weight: Maintaining a healthy body weight is vital for fertility. Being overweight or obese combined with a lack of exercise leads to excessive fat deposition which may cause ovulation problems, resulting in infertility. A low body weight and chronic dieting are also associated with amenorrhea or loss of menstrual cycles, making it difficult for ovulation to occur.
Stress: High stress levels may interfere with ovulation and the body’s ability to conceive. When planning to fall pregnant, women should learn to manage their stress through relaxation techniques.
Smoking: Smoking may affect your ability to fall pregnant. Women run the risk of developing cervical and tube problems, abnormal menstrual cycles, hormonal imbalances and when they do eventually become pregnant, an ectopic pregnancy may result. Generally, smokers take longer to conceive than non-smoking women.
Poor diet: Eating properly plays an important role in your body’s fertility. A balanced diet of low-fat foods packed with healthy nutrients helps to regulate hormones and nourish your reproductive system. Avoid large quantities of sugary foods and caffeine as they have been associated with infertility.
Athletic training: Female athletes are often predisposed to conditions such as amenorrhea, eating disorders and osteoporosis. The female reproductive function is affected by the negative energy balance that results from disordered eating coupled with high training loads. Psychological stress and low body fat content can also be contributing factors that lead to an absence of menstruation and ovulation, resulting in infertility.
Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs): Infertility can sometimes be the result of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or infection. If you are planning on becoming pregnant, get tested for sexually transmitted diseases to prevent further fertility problems or spread of the disease.

Causes of Blocked Fallopian Tubes

The inflammation from this condition can actually lead to a blockage of the fallopian tubes, especially if the appendix ruptures. Once this occurs, the bacteria found in the infected appendix will spill into the abdominal cavity and, in some cases, over into reproductive organs such as the fallopian tubes. In severe cases, the fallopian tubes can become blocked.
This condition occurs when the lining of the uterus begins to grow outside of the uterus and onto the reproductive organs. It can cause bleeding to take place in areas it shouldn’t, which results in scar tissue. This scar tissue can lead to blocked fallopian tubes.
Ectopic Pregnancy
An ectopic pregnancy will generally occur within the first eight weeks of gestation and happens when the embryo remains in the fallopian tubes, rather than moving into the uterus after being fertilized. As it grows, the embryo will eventually cause the fallopian tubes to rupture; this alone can lead to infertility. However, an ectopic pregnancy requires surgery; this surgery, combined with the rupture, can cause scarring of the tubes that can result in a blockage of the tubes.
This is perhaps one of the most common causes of blocked fallopian tubes. Infections such as pelvic inflammatory infection (PID), or the sexually transmitted chlamydia, which can lead to PID, are the two main culprits. Chlamydia is known as the “silent” STD because there are few, if any, noticeable symptoms. This leaves the disease plenty of time to progress and do its damage to the reproductive organs; this includes leading to infections such as PID. When an infection is present, the white blood cells, along with other infection-fighting fluids, fill the fallopian tubes to fight it. Though the infection usually goes away, the tubes become damaged in the process. In most cases, it is the end of the tube near the ovaries that suffer, and it can become either partially or completely blocked.
But there are several other disorders blocked fallopian tubes can cause. So if you have any inclination of some fault in your tubes do not take it lightly. Show it to a specialist. It could save you a big deal.

faq Best Natural Cure for Male & Female Infertility
Question: Will BABY Capsule Natural Sperm Strengthener And Fertility Booster For Men cause multiple births?

Answer: No evidence has been presented that indicates this. BABY Capsule Natural Sperm Strengthener And Fertility Booster For Men is not a synthetic drug; therefore adverse chemical side effects are impossible.

Question: Do I need a prescription to order BABY Capsule Natural Sperm Strengthener And Fertility Booster For Men?

Answer: Not at this time. However, due to changing FDA regulations BABY Capsule Natural Sperm Strengthener And Fertility Booster For Men may become regulated at a later date.

Question: Is BABY Capsule Natural Sperm Strengthener And Fertility Booster For Men shipped discreetly?

Answer: Yes. All orders are shipping in plain envelopes and boxes and the return address is simply Hashmi Healthcare.

Question: Will BABY Capsule Natural Sperm Strengthener And Fertility Booster For Men help my female partner?

Answer: No, but we do offer a female fertility capsule that regulates female hormones, lengthens ovulations, and prepares a woman’s body for the perfect conditions for pregnancy.

Question: How do I take BABY Capsule Natural Sperm Strengthener And Fertility Booster For Men?

Answer: We recommend taking one capsule in the morning and one capsule approximately one hour before bedtime, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.

Question: Can I take BABY Capsule Natural Sperm Strengthener And Fertility Booster For Men with other fertility drugs?

Answer: We do not recommend that BABY Capsule Natural Sperm Strengthener And Fertility Booster For Men be taken in conjunction with any other fertility drugs.

Question: Is your server secure? Is it safe to order online?

Answer: Absolutely, Our site uses 128 bit encryption the highest level of internet security available to protect you and your credit card numbers. Your complete card number will be sent to us in four separate messages parts to be pieced back together on our secure server. There’s absolutely no way your data can be stolen or corrupted using this method.

Question: I would like to order BABY Capsule Natural Sperm Strengthener And Fertility Booster For Men but I don’t feel comfortable ordering online, what can I do?

Answer: Call us at 09690666166. We have customer care representatives available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to help you order by phone.

Question: Can I take BABY Capsule Natural Sperm Strengthener And Fertility Booster For Men with other medications?

Answer: Hashmi Healthcare cannot and will not recommend anyone taking our or any other supplement along with any other medication being taken without first consulting your doctor. If you wish to order dietary supplements from us without consulting your doctor, and you are taking any medication, please be advised you are proceeding at your own risk.

What is Baby Capsule?

BABY Capsule is an all natural method for conceiving a baby based on natural medicine and new scientific research. It is herbal supplement especially developed for couples who are having difficulties to conceive a baby.

Does BABY Capsule Really Work?

Yes, absolutely, it does work! We are offering no questions asked money back guarantee. Before you order a product from any website, make sure that you are fully understand their refund policy. Our policy is simple: if you are not thrilled with your results for any reason, send back the unused portion within 90 days and we’ll refund EVERY PENNY of your purchase including the original shipping.

Is BABY Capsule Safe?

All the ingredients in BABY Capsule Fertility supplement are absolutely safe and have been used for centuries by herbalists and natural doctors to help with fertility issues. They are on the FDA’s list of safe foods – the GRAS list. These are vitamins, plants, roots and herbs, not pharmaceutical chemical drugs. Their effects are mild but effective.

Does BABY Capsule Contain Hormones or Steroids?

BABY Capsule does NOT contain any synthetic human hormones or steroids. Our formula contains only safe non steroidal plant compounds called phytoestrogens. Because of their similarity with the female hormones, phytoestrogens have the ability to stimulate hormonal production and balance fertility hormones.
In addition several studies showed that Phytoestrogens have a protective effect against breast cancer. Other positive effects of our formula are increased sex drive and energy.

Should I Continue Taking BABY Capsule When I Get Pregnant?

BABY Capsule is designed to optimize your body for healthy conception. However you should stop taking BABY Capsule as soon as you get pregnant. During your pregnancy you should use other nutrition and ratios of Vitamins for optimal baby development.

Does BABY Capsule Work for Everyone?

BABY Capsule has a high success rate. Thousands of couples have been using it and conceived many healthy and happy babies. We have had very few returns claiming that the system did not work for a particular healthy couple.We assume all the financial risks, so you can rest assured that you are getting nothing but results for your money.
BABY Capsule works with your body, there is no one magical fertility capsule or herb, this is why your diet and lifestyle is an important part of baby conception and development. BABY Capsule will naturally stimulate and balance your hormone levels. It will also help you find out the best time for intercourse. However your body needs to have a proper supply of fats and protein to conceive baby.
In most women, there is a minimal weight below which the brain will stop signaling the ovaries to ovulate. If you are very thin and have a very low percentage of body fat, you should start eating a healthy diet containing enough fat and protein, so you have greater chance for healthy conception.

How Soon Can I Expect to Conceive a Baby?

For most couples it takes less than three months (or cycles) to conceive when they continue taking the Baby Capsule. That’s the reason why we offer 3 month supply.

Where is BABY Capsule Made?

BABY Capsule is made in the India. We strive to provide the safest and the best quality supplements for your hard-earned money. We use only the highest grade natural ingredients that exceed quality and safety standards. Our manufacturing process complies with the FDA and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) criteria. Our products are frequently sampled and inspected for safety, quality and purity. We are proud to manufacture all of our products in India.

How long I need to take this capsule?

As BABY Capsules are herbal supplement, you cannot expect an overnight result. It is recommended to take this capsule consistently for at least 3-4 months for best result. Keep in mind that once you get pregnant, you should stop taking fertility supplement. The female fertility supplement may have herbs and ingredients that have stimulating effects on the uterus.

Testimonials Best Natural Cure for Male & Female Infertility

“Me and my wife have been married for 4 years but known each other 8 years. We’ve been trying to conceive for the longest I recently found out that I have [fertility problems]with low testosterone, sperm counts, and motility. Yeah it was a kick to the chest. I just ordered BABY Capsule in hopes that we can have a bundle of joy this year. I will keep you posted.…”

— Antonio, DE, USA

“I trying to have a baby for a long time with no luck, I am now using Fertile XX and my husband Baby Capsule. I am seeing the changes that my body is making with this product with no side effects. In the future, I’m hoping to get pregnant soon! I really recommend this product!…”

— Marina, FL, USA

“I actually want to say THANK YOU… you guys are amazing and so professional. I order the BABY Capsule for my clients… I’m so impressed by how efficient you are. I know I can count on “on time delivery” and pleasing my client in time as well… So I have two very happy clients… It’s only a pleasure ordering from you. And I hope to soon put in more bulk…”

— Marcelle M.

“I trying to have a baby for a long time with no luck, I am now using BABY Capsule and my husband too. I am seeing the changes that my body is making with this product with no side effects. In the future, I’m hoping to get pregnant soon! I really recommend this product!”

— Marina, FL, USA

“BABY Capsule worked! It helped me regulate period on the first month taking it and after 3 months I got pregnant! And we’ve been trying for almost 2 years… I am praising GOD for this miracle and leading me to this website after 3 failed attempts… I highly recommend this product. I never experienced any bad side effect.”

— Kate, OH, USA

“I’ve been trying to conceive for 4 yrs, in fact my previous husband left me because he wanted kids more than I did so he left me for someone else, it just wasn’t meant to be. Today I am with a wonderful man who loves me more than anyone has ever loved me so we have been working on having our own little family for 2yrs. I’m tired of no results so I came across your website today June 6, 2010 in placed my order can’t wait to receive package from the mail and get result. I will keep u updated guys.”

— Samantha S., FL, USA

“I actually want to say THANK YOU… you guys are amazing and so professional. I order the BABY Capsule for my clients… I’m so impressed by how efficient you are. I know I can count on “on time delivery” and pleasing my client in time as well… So I have two very happy clients… It’s only a pleasure ordering from you. And I hope to soon put in more bulk…”

— Marcelle M.

“ Hi, this BABY Capsule is brilliant; we tried to get pregnant for a year… I have a gorgeous baby boy now. We now are trying again, I couldn’t wait to order our next batch.”

— Sam S., London

“…I am now buying more BABY Capsule to work on giving my 11- month-old son a sibling! I was in shock with my first pregnancy, because doctors explained to me that getting pregnant would not be so easy… and that drugs would be necessary to ovulate. Thank goodness I didn’t need to go that route. My first baby was born healthy and perfect!! Thanks Baby Capsule”

— Jodie, Canada

“…A friend of ours asked our views on herbal medicine – we really didn’t have any, so she advised us to get some information on them. I found BABY Capsule on the Internet and found them very informative. I even emailed questions which were replied to promptly, so we both felt able to trust Native Remedies. So we ordered BABY Capsule and they were delivered well within the time slot and we started taking them… So now we started trying for a baby… I’ll hopefully be able to tell you very soon that I’m pregnant. Thank you so much. God Bless Baby Capsule.”

— Diane, England

“…I decided on my own to try a Baby Capsule. I saw the BABY Capsule product and decided to try it …This stuff is serious. It was the testimonials that convinced me, so hopefully this testimonial will help convince someone else that this is the product for them. I highly recommend it.”

— Melissa, RI, USA

“… I stumbled across your web site and read the testimonials for the BABY Capsule and decided to give it a try… This stuff works and I highly recommend it. Give this product a try. I guarantee you won’t regret it. Thank You, Baby Capsule”

— Nicole G., NY, USA

If you haven’t guessed already, BABY Capsule is a clear winner here. A safe, herbal formula proven to increase male fertility, a 6 month money back guarantee, and a slew of free extras makes this supplement the best semen enhancer available today. We highly recommend BABY Capsules to anyone who wants to increase their fertility and virility of their sex life.

Purchase BABY CAPSULE with Confidence. Based on Scientific Clinical Research, it’s Guaranteed to Work.

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