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Overcoming Retarded Ejaculation Naturally!


How You Can Last 10-30 Minutes Longer In Bed Tonight & Permanently
End The Pain & Embarrassment of Premature Ejaculation

If you have ever struggled with premature ejaculations and weak orgasms you understand how frustrating it can be for both you and your partner. As soon as you gain the ability to control your orgasms, you gain the ability to perform for a longer period and will no longer experience premature ejaculations.
After researching every characteristics of the ingredient used in the complex mix of the herbal delay ejaculation formula we can state without a doubt that this sexual disorder has meet its nemesis. Due to the extensive time our teams of doctors have studied the positive effects of Mughal-E-Azam Plus , the product stability and collaboration with the body it’s undisputed. Now we can provide a direct and calm answer to men around the world who asked us not so long ago “how can I speed up my orgasm?” – Well you can use Mughal-E-Azam Plus .
Delayed ejaculation – also called male orgasmic disorder – is the inability to reach orgasm during sex no matter how long sexual stimulation continues for. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders(DSM-IV-TR), puts this disorder among the sexual dysfunctions, along with rapid ejaculation. A man affected by retarded ejaculation is unable to attain orgasm following a normal level of sexual excitement. The man in question may regularly experience delays in orgasm, or may be unable to attain orgasm altogether.
Interesting enough now many men are searching for natural treat delay ejaculation capsules to improve their sexual experience. Being a new disorder it’s known that delayed ejaculation represents the male’s inability to ejaculate despite the favorable sexual context with the proper stimulation and all the other related factors.
In order to find a solution our specialized teams of doctors searched for answers to the question “How to treat delayed ejaculation?” and their collective data resulted in an herbal formula that reunites special natural ingredients which had a 99% success rate in the last four years.Stability and perseverance reflects with serenity Mughal-E-Azam Plus product which induces normality in the ejaculation process and thus improving the sexual experience.

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Mughal-E-Azam Plus has been formulated with these and the following goals in mind:

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  • Eliminate premature ejaculation
  • Delays and controls ejaculation time
  • Shoot off MASSIVE loads of cum every time you ejaculate!
  • Fill your partner to OVERFLOWING…
  • Enjoy BIGGER, STRONGER orgasms with giants loads of semen!
  • Provides progressive and long lasting results
  • Be WAY MORE visually exciting to your partner!
  • Enjoy the reputation of being “potent” with HUGE ejaculations!
  • Cheap prices and big discounts
  • Permanent Results and No side-effects

How Mughal-E-Azam Plus Works To Increase Your Ejaculation Volume and Pleasure:

What does increasing your ejaculation volume have to do with pleasure?

To get a sense of the vital role that healthy, abundant ejaculate plays in male pleasure, let’s take a look at how the male climax works. Male orgasm happens at the peak of sexual pleasure, when the various muscle groups contract simultaneously, including:

  • The pubococcygeus muscle
  • The anal sphincter
  • Rectum
  • Perineum
  • Ejaculatory ducts
  • Muscles around the penis

The contracting muscles are the key to delivering the load of semen. The first few contractions are intense and close together, occurring at about 0.8-second intervals. As orgasm continues, the contractions diminish in intensity and duration and occur at less frequent intervals. However, the more fluid that’s available for each orgasm, the more contractions it takes to shoot all of it …
… And each contraction is stronger and more intense!
This herbal supplement enhances erection size and libido. Stop premature ejaculation with this unique male enhancement Capsule. If you’re tired of being embarrassed by the size when making love, there’s only one choice i.e. Mughal-E-Azam Plus herbal Capsule. Top rated male enhancement supplement.
It is the once-daily capsule for natural male enhancement, providing millions of men with firmer, stronger, fuller-feeling erections. Taken just once a day, Mughal-E-Azam Plus herbal Capsule helps increase blood flow. The proprietary formula of Mughal-E-Azam Plus herbal Capsule is designed to help you perform better than ever. Millions of men around the world already turn to Mughal-E-Azam Plus herbal Capsule for natural enhancement.
Lack of sexual stamina is a seldom discussed but potentially devastating sexual condition. Not only does poor sexual stamina lead to humiliation for a man, it also may shortchange the pleasure experienced by his female partner. Because this brevity of sexual performance may be misunderstood by a woman as male “selfishness,” it may lead to profound feelings of resentment. For a man, the sense of inadequacy and insecurity associated with poor stamina may discourage him from initiating sex at all. This may spiral into significant emotional issues between the couple, and result in a sexual and romantic impasse.
Mughal-E-Azam Plus is a topical male sexual enhancement product that has been specifically formulated to prolong and bolster sexual stamina. This product utilizes a meticulously balanced formula designed to increase stamina without compromising erection strength. Many stamina-enhancing products seem to increase longevity at the expense of turgidity, sensation, and intensity. Some of these products, which use numbing ingredients to forestall ejaculation, might inadvertently cause numbing to the female partner. Not with Mughal-E-Azam Plus , which has been scientifically designed to enhance performance without compromising her pleasure. We were pleased to find that the manufacturer of this product confidently offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, allowing users to try it without risk.
Mughal-E-Azam Plus has the potential to enhance not only the duration of the sexual act, but its overall quality. For men, there is no way to quantify the added confidence that comes with knowing that his stamina will endure. A man who is not troubled by concerns of “minute-man” performance is also likely to have an increased sense of virility, assertiveness, and sex appeal. It is generally well-known that women are irresistibly drawn to a man who is truly secure in his ability to please his partner and sustain a vigorous and powerful erection. This confidence is projected in all areas of a man’s life, and adds to his fundamental sense of masculinity.
A woman, in addition to enjoying her partner’s newly found sexual prowess and confidence, can also relax in the knowledge that she will not be shortchanged by the experience. The prospect of mutual satisfaction and pleasure may bring a new sense of passion and intensity to the act of sex. On an emotional level, couples can begin to interact at a new level of intimacy and connection, each knowing that their needs are being met. The infusion of a powerful new element to their sex lives can awaken long-dormant feelings of lust, playfulness and affection.
Couples who may be suffering from poor sexual stamina may needlessly tolerate this physiological problem, incorrectly assuming that the problem is rooted in their relationship.
Unfortunately, this may place a strain on an otherwise loving, intimate bond. It is our belief that this product has the ability to easily correct the physiological source of the problem, and thereby rectify the insecurity, disappointment and conflict that may result.
For both men and women, Mughal-E-Azam Plus has the potential to increase confidence and security, enhance overall sexual desire and intensity, and allow for deeper relaxation and stimulation. Men, especially, are freed from the worry that they will not perform adequately, and instead are able to simply enjoy sex. This tends to radiate the sort of confidence and self-assurance that is the very essence of masculinity.


Take 1 capsule twice daily along with a glass of water. Follow a regular course to ensure permanent and strong control over your ejaculation process. For the best results on controlling your ejaculation, we recommend a 3-4 months treatment.

Main Herbal Combinations Used In Mughal-E-Azam Plus Herbal Capsule Are:

Ingredients quantity
Withania Somnifera 100 mg
Mucuna Pruriens 100 mg
Asparagus Racemosus 100 mg
Zingiber Officinale 25 mg
Cuscuta reflexa 25 mg
Anacyclus Pyrethrum 20 mg
Curculigo Orchiodes 20 mg
Hyoscyamus niger 20 mg
Black Bitumen 20 mg
Myristical Fargrans 20 mg
Glycyrrhiza glabra 20 mg
Orchis Latifolia 10 mg
Eclipta alba 10 mg
Nigella Sativa 5 mg
Crocus Sativa 5%


Orgasmic Control – A few Sex Tips for Orgasm Control

Position :

Being underneath makes orgasm control easier During sex, if your partner is on top and you are underneath, orgasm control will be a little easier. When first putting moc techniques into practice, have sex with your partner on top. Later you can go on top when you have gained confidence. Why is control harder on top? The weight of your body presses down through your penis, making sex more pleasurable but making orgasm control a little harder. So, get underneath when learning a new technique or if you are having trouble controlling orgasm. Being on top also means the rest of your body is in tension, holding yourself up or moving around. More muscle tension increases pleasure but makes orgasm control slightly harder so…

Body Relaxation:

Relax your legs and cheeks to help control orgasm. The PC is the main muscle to relax during sex, but tension in your thighs and bum cheeks will also have an effect. Tensing these muscles will increase pleasure but also bring orgasm that little bit quicker. Test this out yourself by masturbating with your bum and leg muscles tightened and your legs straight out. Then try masturbating with all those muscles relaxed. Relaxing will give you less pleasure but help you hold off orgasm. So, to help orgasm control, relax these muscles.


Lie diagonally across your partner to reduce pressure. When you are on top, you can reduce the pressure on your penis by lying across your partner so that your bodies make an X shape. Let your upper body rest down on the bed to your partner’s side, and your knees rest on the opposite side. One of your legs should rest between your partner’s legs, and the other on the outside. This reduces the weight acting down through your penis and eases the tension in your body.

Sex without orgasm :

Don’t orgasm during sex. You may be used to having sex that always finishes with orgasm. To help your control of orgasm get out of this frame of thinking. Have orgasms during masturbation or outside of sex. This helps your body separate sex from orgasm. Then when you have sex, you and your body won’t automatically expect an orgasm.
Thinking about orgasm, thinking about how and when it will happen will actually bring it quicker. If you think orgasm, you will have orgasm. Be content with knowing you’ll have an orgasm later by masturbating or some way outside of sex. Then try to finish sex play without having an orgasm. Do this on a number of occasions, especially when learning new techniques.
Once you can separate sex from orgasm, control becomes easier. This is not to say you should never have orgasm during sex – do whatever you want – simply that having sex without orgasm helps with learning orgasm control.

Wear a condom, even without orgasm :

Always wear a condom during sex even if you plan on not having an orgasm. Bodily fluid can enter your penis thru your meatus (the hole at the top of your penis) as soon as intercourse begins, leaving you open to STDs. your partner is also at risk if a condom is not used because semen can leave the penis before orgasm or ejaculation, whether or not you plan on having an orgasm.

Empty bladder before sex :

Before you have sex, go to the toilet and empty your bladder of urine to help control orgasm. your bladder is located right beside your prostate gland, which triggers ejaculation. If your bladder is full, it presses onto your prostate, making orgasm more likely and control harder.

Ujjayi Breathing :

To add for slow breathing there is an ancient technique from yoga called ujjayi breathing. It’s similar to nose breathing but slower and more calming. Exercise 13 of Ujjayi Breathing – Open your mouth and breathe out through it. While you do so, make a ‘h’ sound. you should feel the sound coming from the back of your mouth. Now close your mouth and breathe out through your nose but still make the same ‘h’ sound. The sound should still originate in your throat. Now make the same sound while inhaling. Use this type of breathing during sex. By making the ‘h’ sound your glottis (base of the throat) partially closes over, narrowing the passage of air flow to your lungs – forcing slower, deeper breaths, helping you control orgasm by calming your nervous system.

Confidence :

If you fear orgasm, you will have orgasm. Fear will build panic & panic will bring orgasm. If you worry about losing control of orgasm, the worry will bring orgasm quicker. Tell yourself from this point forward you will never lose control because at the very last you always have the security of the stop at pregasm. Go into sex with confidence and belief. If you believe you can control orgasm, you will control orgasm. Using the other techniques and tips will give you confidence – once you have sex a few times without orgasm, knowing you can control it will give you the confidence to do it again.

Experiment :

The techniques given in this chapter are not rules but suggestions to help you keep control of orgasm. If you don’t like the idea of not having orgasm then just go ahead and have orgasm. Experiment with your own ideas. If you find some other way of controlling orgasm, use it. And then tell us about it or offer this information to other people. Above all be aware of what your partner wants – sex for a long time may not be desirable.

Medical Help:

Unani system of medication is the most successful way of controlling orgasm by increasing your stamina and inner strength without any fear of side effect.

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What is Mughal-E-Azam Plus ?

Mughal-E-Azam Plus is a doctor approved capsule that effectively destroys the male sexual disorder Premature Ejaculation. Mughal-E-Azam Plus works effectively to make sure that your sexual worries are a thing of the past.

Can i use this product?

Has your sexual life been affected by Premature Ejaculation? Would you like a safe solution that would work to take your orgasm worries away? This product ensures that you have a better control over your ejaculation control.

Is it safe?

Mughal-E-Azam Plus has been prepared with the foremost care and detail. The herbs that went into the preparation of this product are the safest and most renowned. We follow stringent International standards in safety and hygiene in the preparation of our products.

Why you Need Mughal-E-Azam Plus Capsule?

In men all over the world today, there is a remarkable decrease in capacity and performance. This is mainly due to several physical, psychological and environmental factors. Mughal-E-Azam Plus capsule has properties to solve all the rising needs of the men. Mughal-E-Azam Plus capsule is highly potent herbal supplement for treating premature ejaculation and weak erection and is formulated to answer all the needs of the men.

Will there be any problem if I miss a dose?

If you have missed a dose, then take it as soon as you remember. Follow the course in a disciplined manner to achieve strong and permanent results.

How Fast Will I See Results?

Most men see results very quickly but we suggest you order as many months of Mughal-E-Azam Plus Capsules as you can. Mughal-E-Azam Plus Capsule is designed to restore the natural balance of your functioning and begin enjoying healthy, active once again. We recommend that you plan to supplement Mughal-E-Azam Plus for a minimum of 3-4 months.

How Mughal-E-Azam Plus Capsules prevents PE problem?

There are several reasons that cause PE problem. Mughal-E-Azam Plus Capsule is the natural premature ejaculation treatment that prevents PE by attacking the problem at the source, rather than temporarily treating the symptoms. This herbal supplement uses natural, clinically proven ingredients that are safe and effective.
There are a lot of products that claim to prevent PE problem. Some of them actually work quite well, but they might cause negative side effects in many men. When you choose Mughal-E-Azam Plus Capsule that only contains natural and safe ingredients, you can improve your lovemaking abilities without putting yourself at risk.
This means that you and your partner can have the life that you want without ever risking the side effects that can be caused by prescription drugs and other products that claim to improve your health with ingredients that are not natural.

How long I need to take Mughal-E-Azam Plus Capsule?

As Mughal-E-Azam Plus Capsules are herbal supplement, you cannot expect an overnight result. It is recommended to take this capsule consistently for at least 3-4 months for permanent cure. For maximum benefits, you can use Mughal-E-Azam Plus capsules with Penis Enlargement Oil.

Will my privacy be respected?

Your privacy is of prime concern and will be given maximum priority. Your order will be shipped to you in discreet plain packages and follows International regulations that are the norm in the shipping industry.

How Do I Order Mughal-E-Azam Plus ?

Ordering Mughal-E-Azam Plus online is simple and convenient. All you have to do is click the ‘Order Now’ link to be taken to a page which displays the quantity of the order which you would like to place. After validating your order with the quantity that you would require, you will be redirected to a 100% secure order form in which you can safely fill in the necessary details required to complete the transaction.

Is it safe to use my credit card online?

Absolutely! We have employed a top online security system that is powered by an efficient SSL 256-bit symmetric key encryption system. This ensures that all your transactions and information are protected and kept confidential. This makes shopping with us safer than at a supermarket or restaurant!

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, American Express,MasterCard Paypal.

How Fast Will I Recieve This Product?

If you choose Express Mail, then you will receive your order within a week. Registered Mail will help you receive the product in 15 days.

How much does shipping and handling cost?

Our products are shipped to your door safely and in a timely manner. We follow international standards in packing and shipping. You can choose from either of the following 2 options:
– $19.95 for delivery using Registered Mail (up to 15 days)
– $19.95 for delivery using Express Mail (7 to 10 business days)

Do you have a customer support?

Our customer support staff is a bunch of highly professional and dedicated individuals. They look forward to answering your queries in the best and quickest manner possible. Do not hesitate to get in touch with our agents for any query that you may have, big or small.

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I used to only last about 2-3 minutes in bed and I have always been hugely embarrassed by that. Though my partner was pretty supportive, I could tell she was disappointed. Since taking a course of Mughal-E-Azam Plus , I am cured of P.E. Now I last usually around 15-20 minutes, and both my partner and I are extremely happy with that. Thank you again.

Simon, 36, Ca

“sex had become a bore. I used to ejaculate very fast and even though my wife never complained, I felt really bad and desperately wanted to do something about it. I started myself on a high-protein diet and nothing came off it. I visited eminent doctors and that too was fruitless. I was then introduced to Mughal-E-Azam Plus and life has never been brighter”

– Stanley, 38, Nevada, USA

” I used to ejaculate just as soon as I started sexual intercourse. This made me very frustrated in life and I had lost hope until a friend advised me to go online and order 2 boxes of Mughal-E-Azam Plus . My worries have disappeared ever since…”

– Evan, 27, Maine, USA

“Me and my friends bought this product a month ago and I am proud to say that we have had only positive results so far. Thank you Mughal-E-Azam Plus !”

– Victor, 33, NZ

“After my divorce, I began dating again and met a few lovely female. But -can you think it – every time I ‘got lucky’, the whole thing fell flat and I just couldn’t perform! Exercise helped a bit, but I just wasn’t the man I used to be. Things were going from bad to worse and I even closed dating because I was so anxious! Ultimately a friend told me about Mughal-E-Azam Plus and I thought ‘What have I got to lose?’ Six weeks later, I just can’t get enough and nor can my new girlfriend! What a difference!” Wow

—Stewart, U.K.

” I never thought that taking 2 capsules of twice daily could make such a difference. Mughal-E-Azam Plus multiplied my performance time by 6! This also helped my relationship and gave me more self-assurance in and out of the bedroom. Thank you!”

— Reddy, CA

Is there a solution against Premature Ejaculation? This question was put before me repeatedly by my patients and I was short of an explanation. I have always informed them that there are many varying causes for PE and I usually would advise them to consider dieting the intake of proteins and other vitamins. This was definitely a very slow process and rarely met with any success. During this stage, I met a fellow doctor who said he met with success in treating Premature Ejaculation. I followed his cue and started advising Mughal-E-Azam Plus to my patients. The results were immediate and the worried faces keep smiling to this day!

– Dr. Pascal Martinez, Mexico City

Premature ejaculation is a complicated condition and most men do not come in the open about it. I have recommended this product to my patients and had positive results. I recommend this safe and herbal product to all men facing this condition in life.

– Dr. Mark Swanson, NM

I am an expert with herbal medicines and I would like to say that this product has extremely potent ingredients that are effective as well as completely safe.

– Pius Alexander, Middlesex, The UK

You can also send as your testimonials by emailing us your Order ID and your text. You choose the name to display (first name or last name) and we ensure your privacy.

Purchase MUGHAL-E-AZAM PLUS Capsule with Confidence. Based on Scientific Clinical Research, it’s Guaranteed to Work.

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