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treatment offender, program treatment, sex addiction treatment, sex therapy counseling, marriage sex therapy, marriage sex therapist, marriage counseling sex, sex marital therapy, sex therapy married couples, sex addiction therapy, licensed sex therapist, masters, sex therapy, sex therapy for married couplesMost of the so called sex diseases are psychological problems and are not the actual diseases. Most of these sex problems can be solved by sex councelling and need not any medicinal treatment. Even then some of these sex problems which are prevailing since a long time effecting one’s confidence and making him depressed may need medicine.Most of the antidepressant medicines in modern system effect the sexual derive negatively so the best to overcome these type of problems are the ayurvedic virile /aphrodisiac medicines which increase sexual derive as well as improve confidence and are antidepressant also.
Some of the actual sex diseases are the sexually transmitted infections ( S.T.D.) and their complications even after the treatment with modern medicines -like painful erections, premature ejaculation, atrophy of sex orgasm in males; vaginal dryness ,dysparunia- painful intercourse and loss of orgasm in females need Ayurvedic treatment.
There is another group of sex diseases which deals with sex organ anomallies like Phymosis etc. in males , and like imperforated hymen etc. in females which need surgical intervention. It is good to know about sex problems of male and female partners both only then both the partners can get satisfied side by side.

Commonly sex problems/diseases:

Male sex problems /diseases:

  • Impotency: No or week erection of penis without hardness even after strong stimulation by the female partner is called as impotency. The penis is unable to penetrate the vagina because of inefficient hardness of penis. Sometimes impotency may primarily be due to hormonal imbalance or may be temporary even after normal performance or due to psychological factor. In hormonal imbalance modern hormonal therapy is beneficial otherwise most of the cases may solved by councelling and or may need Ayurvedic medicine.
  • Premature ejaculation: Normal time of penetrative sexual intercourse is 3to 13 minutes. Ejaculation before 3 minutes or in other words before the satisfaction of lady is called as early ejaculation. Premature ejaculation may be so early that it may be even before penetration or even without erection. Problem can be solved by councelling if the time of ejaculation is more than 3 minutes as there may be female factors also as well as sex technique playing the important factor for sexual satisfaction of both the partners while others may need Ayurvedic medicine or both.
  • No orgasm: No satisfaction after sexual intercourse due to no ejaculation of semen or very small uantity of ejaculate otherwise normal erection and hardness. Needs medicine and best medicines in these cases are ayurvedic medicines.
  • Blood stained ejaculate/semen:This is the more aggravated form of the small quantity or no semen after sexual intercourse and need Ayurvedic treatment but if the semen is blood stained with large quantity of semen it may be due to some infection which needs allopathic medicine.
  • Painful erections: It is also due to small quantity of semen and need Ayurvedic medicine which are very good for production of semen.
  • No interest in sexual indulgence: Need councelling and Ayurvedic medicine and hormonal therapy.
  • Phymosis: Phymosis ie small opening of fore skin of penis due to which stimulations are weak.Itcan cause hinderance in erections. Needs surgical intervention.
  • Long foreskin of penis: Causes similar problem as Phymosis. Also need surgical intervention.
  • High attached and thick frenulum: Frenulum is a fold of mucous membrane which attaches lower part of glance penis to the lower skin of shaft of penis. Sometimes it is thick and attached high upto urethera which causes hinderance in erection and hardness ultimately causing curvature of shaft with convesity upward and concvity facing downward and also glans penis pointing downward even in erect position.This causes dificulty in penetration. Surgical intervention necessary. It is wise for the parents to see for the problem of Phymosis, long foreskin and high attached and thick Frenulum in childhood and get that operated in time to avoid abnormal development of Penis.
  • Small sized penis: Normal size of penis during erection is about 6” to 9” but with 4” size can satisfy a woman equally as normal size of vagina is 4” with cervics at 3” length so the penis touches cervics easily to satisfy the woman. Moreover satisfaction of the woman depends more upon hardness, duration and posture being used at the time of intercourse.. Penis less than 4” need treatment preferably Ayurvedic.
  • Prostatorhoea / ‘Dhatu’ : Prostate secretion-a thick jelly like discharge at the time of passing stool and or voiding urine. Can be treated ayurvedically with very good results.
  • Atrophy of sex organs: Sex organs start shrinking after attaining the normal size which may be due to some disease or injury to the organs. Only hope is Ayurvedic Medicines can also do better in fresh cases.

Female sex problems/diseases:

Females being the passive partners in sexual intercourse have very few sexual problems on their part. But most of the sex problems of males arise from the improper behavior of females during sexual intercourse which depend upon the sex problems females have at their own. So it is very important on the part of females also to get their problems solved and cooperate voluntarily and happily during sexual intercourse to have the best performances of her partner. Common female sex problems are as follow:-

  • Dysparunia: ie pain during sexual intercourse thus disturbing attention at the time of intercourse which effects orgasm and ultimately loss of sexual interest in females and loss of vigor in males.Needs councelling and medicinal treatment Apathy to be adopted depends upon whether she is newly wedded or is having the problem after having painless intercourse for sometime.
  • No interest in sexual intercourse which effects personal relationship with husband and ultimately social life .Side by side councelling of both the partners is required along with medicinal treatment of female partner.
  • Nymphomania ie sexual instinct increased upto sexual madness causing insomnia and other disorders of mania.Needs early treatment.
  • Vaginal inflamation and ulceration after every sexual intercourse. Requires councelling and medicinal treatment.
  • Vaginismus- vaginal itching .Requires medical advice for any infection but may be a symptom of Nymphomania also.
  • Imperforated hymen or semi perforated thick hymen thus avoiding penetration of penis during sexual intercourse. Needs surgical intervention.
  • Small sized vagina unable to accommodate penis.Only councelling can solve the problem in some cases while others may need vaginal dilation or surgical intervention.
  • Atrophic or undeveloped sex organs : May be hormonal problem . Needs hormonal investigations.
  • Gushing of fluid during sexual intercourse.Needs medicinal treatment.
  • Other genital infections causing Leukorrhoea etc.can alter sexual behavior and should be treated accordingly.
  • Behavior disorders like Insomnia,Irritation and quarellsome behavior due to no sexual satisfaction or over sexual indulgence. Need councelling at the level of both the partners.
  • Physical weakness after sexual intercourse-needs councelling and medicinal treatment in few cases.



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