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Shocking Sex Facts: This Will Blow Your Mind Completely!


We’ve compiled a list of shocking sex facts that are guaranteed to surprise you. If these are completely new to you, then you’re in for a treat. If you’ve heard them before, don’t spoil the surprise for your friends!

#1 Cycling Can Affect Fertility

The body carefully regulates the temperature levels of the testicles by relaxing or raising the scrotum. During periods of cold weather, it’s not uncommon for the testicles to recede into the body while warmer temperatures often produce the opposite reaction. Due to the “cramped” quarters caused by the persistent pressure of the bicycle seat on the groin region, the testicles can easily overheat, resulting in decreased sperm count. If you’re not actively planning a family, this information probably doesn’t affect you in the slightest. For those interested in becoming a father, however, lifestyle changes might be necessary in order to ensure that fertilization is successful.

#2 Women Can Get Pregnant Five to Eight Days After Unprotected Sex

Actually, this shouldn’t be a surprise if you’d done your homework. As both men and women know, a woman’s fertility levels are largely influenced by her current position in the recurring menstrual cycle. Woman are infertile for the majority of the cycle, aside from a specific window of time corresponding to ovulation and the subsequent release of the egg. That being said, men shouldn’t consider this window to be the only “danger zone” during sexual intercourse. Due to the life cycle of sperm, unprotected sex between 5-8 days prior to (and including) ovulation can still result in impregnation. This is invaluable information for couples interesting in using the rhythm method of birth control, which relies exclusively on predicting the ovulation cycle to deter pregnancy.

#3 Wearing High Heels Can Negatively Affect a Woman’s Orgasm

A strange, but possibly true statement. Research has been conducted on the affect of synthetic shoe arches (such as those found in high heels) on a woman’s “pelvic floor,” also referred to as the region of the body including the vagina. Due to the vibrations traveling up the leg as a result of raised heels, the vagina is placed in a perpetual state of “excitement” (for lack of a better word) that may render further stimulation impossible.

#4 Orgasms Can Make Women More Creative

Again, it must first be stated that the “science” behind some of these claims still remains less than “definitive.” That being said, some research has suggested that women who are capable of achieving orgasm may be more inclined to creative action at a later point in their life. The psychological and physiological affects of orgasm, particularly the release of hormones during this plateau of physical pleasure, are considered primary catalysts in this particular research. Whether an orgasmic female is inclined to produce an artistic masterwork, however, remains yet to be seen.

#5 Birth Control Pills Dampen the Libido

Due to the fact that birth control pills modify hormone levels in an attempt to prohibit ovulation, it stands to reason that the result of this would be decreased libido in women. For a man in a sexual relationship with a female taking birth control pills, this information may help him better understand her occasional loss of sexual interest or desire.

#6 Sitting in Chairs Can Arouse Women

This doesn’t come as much of a surprise, does it? Think about it. Due to the close proximity of the vagina to the fabric of a chair, there is inevitable stimulation of the genital region while sitting, particularly if the female in question is wearing thin clothing. Although men shouldn’t be expecting their partners to orgasm during their next dinner date, it’s worth mentioning that this time of indirect physical stimulation does indeed occur.

#7 Women Have Three Erogenous Zones

For the men out there – pay attention. A woman’s three “strongest” erogenous zones are her clitoris, G-spot, and the opening of her cervix. Unfortunately, only one of these is visible to the naked eye. That being said, this information should help men who are dedicated to helping their female partner achieve orgasm. It’s worth mentioning that vaginal intercourse rarely induces orgasms in women. Clitoral stimulation, however, is one of the most surefire ways of ensuring that your female partner reaches climax.

#8 Being Well-Hydrated Leads to Better Orgasms

The reason for this is primarily related to the fact that our bodies are composed mostly of water. In order to ensure that our blood circulation (which directly affects orgasms quality) is operating at peak efficiency, it’s important to remain well hydrated before and after sexual intercourse.


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