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Yellow herb for a golden life


Turmeric is one of nature’s most powerful healers.

Turmeric is the yellow spice used in curry and mustard and is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine as a cleansing tonic and adaptogenic herb. Areas with diets high in Turmeric have significantly lower rates of breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer and colon cancer. This “cousin” of ginger root is also effective against arthritis and inflammation, and new research is giving a scientific basis to the herb’s many health benefits. See full research and uses below. Greenbush is the leading source for pure turmeric. Why? No fillers, no additives. Just pure, quality-tested turmeric. You will see the difference when you open the bottle.
benefits of Turmeric, turmeric capsules, turmeric benefits, turmeric, spice,turmeric capsuleTurmeric is one of nature’s most powerful healers. The active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin. Tumeric has been used for over 2500 years in India, where it was most likely first used as a dye. The medicinal properties of this spice have been slowly revealing themselves over the centuries. Long known for its anti-inflammatory properties, recent research has revealed that turmeric is a natural wonder, proving beneficial in the treatment of many different health conditions from cancer to Alzheimer’s disease.
Take Turmeric regularly and you will be going along way to avoiding many of the degenerative diseases further down the line, whilst enjoying improved health in the present.
Turmeric has been revered in the ancient indian tradition of medicines, the ayurveda, as a herb possessing excellent medicinal properties. Recent studies in the us have proved that curcumin, an ingredient of turmeric, has antioxidant qualities which can prevent occurrence of cataract and cancer. Some of the main advantages of the curcuma are as follows:

  • the active constituent curcumin has been shown to have a wide range of therapeutic effects
  • protects against free radical damage because it is a strong antioxidant
  • reduces inflammation by reducing histamine levels and possibly by increasing production of natural cortisone by the adrenal glands
  • protects the liver from a number of toxic compounds
  • reduces platelets from clumping together, which in turn, improves circulation and helps protect against atherosclerosis
  • useful against diseases like anemia, atherosclerosis, bursitis, chron’s disease, diabetes, edema, hemorrhoids, hepatitis, hysteria, indigestion, inflammation, inflammatory bowel syndrome, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, skin disorders, urinary diseases, wound and bruise healing
  • In india, turmeric is used for the treatment of anorexia, liver disorders, cough, diabetic wounds, rheumatism and sinusitis. It is currently being evaluated for its anti carcinogenic and anti mutagenic properties
  • digestive aid: turmeric helps stimulate the flow of bile, which helps digest fats. Intestinal parasites. Turmeric fights protozoans in laboratory tests, supporting its traditional use in treating dysentery
  • liver protection: curcumin has a protective effect on liver tissue exposed to liver damaging drugs. It had been traditionally used for liver ailments. Consuming alcohol regularly or using the pain killer acetaminophen tends to increase the risk for liver damage; turmeric may help in minimizing this damage to some extent
  • arthritis: turmeric’s anti-inflammatory action help relieve wound inflammation and in treating arthritis
  • heart protection: studies have shown that turmeric may help reduce cholesterol. It is also shown to prevent the internal blood clots that trigger heart attack and some strokes
  • safety: turmeric is extremely safe and is used in large quantities as a food with no adverse reactions

Turmeric is stringent and sour the taste. It is a time tested beauty aid and a nourishing herb, which not only gives natural gloss royal glow and a luster but also impart vigour and youthful vitality to the entire body. Turmeric is thus a great tonic in general aromatic, diuretic, expectorant, blood-purifier skin tonic, carminative, pain reliever of red blood corpuscles, anti-phlegmatic anti bilious, protector or eyes anti-inflammatory and imparts coolness to the system.
Turmeric has long been used in flock & alternative medicines like unani, Ayurved etc. to treat arthrities, lower blood cholesterol, stimulate digestion, protect the liver and treat obesity. Turmeric also has strong anti bacterial and anti fungal properties.
Turmeric is beneficial in treatment hepatitis, indigestion, gallbladder, or liver disease bile duct problems, obesity, Arthrities. It can be used as a cholagogue, an anti-inflammatory, as a gall bladder tonic as a cancer preventive.Turmeric Capsules contains all the original qualities of raw turmeric. Turmeric helps as a powerful healing agent, both for external cuts and wounds as well as helping internal damage.
In the early years of twentieth century most allopathy medicines were based on herbs. Indeed, many remedies prescribed by doctors had been used with success down the centuries. Even as late as the 1940s about half of all prescriptions still contain herbal in gradients. One of the foremost and well respected unani physician points out, what ever might minimize the importance of herbs and their effectiveness one such a very popular herb, world wide is turmeric. Turmeric has been mentioned in early writings of the world in many languages. The unani practitioners have used it all over the world, as well as other system of medicines. It was prescribed by unani physicians as a drug to strengthen the stomach and promotes its action, as a tonic and as a blood purifier.
Turmeric is an important common flavoring spice of daily use. In India it is used in the same way as saffron. Its antiseptic properties help in preservation of food. Turmeric is a native of southern and south Eastern Asia. It has been grown in India from ancient times. It seems to have reached Chine before the seventh century AD. Turmeric spread early through out the East Indies and was carried eastwards across the pacific by Polynesians to Hawaii and Easter Island. Turmeric is a perennial herb and its plants like ginger plant. Its smell is sweet, fragrant like the pollen of mango. The root has beautiful captivating golden complexion, when taken out of ground. This is then dried in the sun and is known as turmeric.
According to Hakeem, the stringent and sour tasted turmeric is a time-tested beauty aid and a nourishing herb which not only gives natural gloss, royal glow and luster and also imparts vigor and youthful vitality to the entire body. Turmeric is thus a great tonic in general, aromatic, diuretic, expectorant, blood-purifier, skin tonic, carminative, pain reliever, germicidal, anti-flatulent, producer and enhancer of red blood corpuscles, anti-phlegm, attic, anti-bilious, protector of eyes, anti-inflammatory and imparts coolness to the system. Turmeric has numerous medicinal virtues. The rhizomes of root are aromatic, stimulant and a tonic. It is useful in relieving flatulence. It corrects the disordered process of nutrition and restored the normal function of the system. It is also useful in curing period attacks of hysteria and convulsions.

Intestinal disorders: –

Turmeric is a very effective intestinal antiseptic. The rhizome, its juice and dry powder, mixed in butter milk or plain water, is highly beneficial in intestinal problems, especially chronic Diarrhea, it also helps prevent flatulence.

Worms: –

About 20 drops of the juice or raw turmeric, mixed with a pinch of salt, taken first think in the morning daily, is considered an effective cure for expelling worms.

Anaemia: –

Turmeric is rich in iron and is valuable in anemia. A teaspoon of raw turmeric juice, mixed with honey, is taken every day in the treatment of this condition.

Measles: –

Turmeric roots dried in the sun and grinded to a fine powder. This mixed with a few drops of honey and the juice of few bitter gourd leaves, can be taken by those sufferings from measles.

Asthma: –

Turmeric is an effective household remedy for bronchial asthma. A teaspoon of turmeric powder with a glass of milk twice or thrice daily is very effective. It acts best on an empty stomach. Taking 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric powder with 3-4 gulps of warm water acts as a preventive against attack of asthma.

Cough and cold: –

Turmeric with its antiseptic properties, is an effective remedy for chronic cough and throat irritation. Half a teaspoon of fresh turmeric powder, mixed in 30 ml of warm milk is very effective in these conditions. To prepare this milk is poured on a hot ladle with turmeric in it and boiled over a slow fire. In case of a running cold, smoke from burning turmeric can be inhaled; this increased the discharge from the nose and brings quick relief.

Sprains: –

For treating sprain or the swellings caused by sprains, turmeric paste mixed with lime and salt can be applied with beneficial results.

Boils: –

An application of turmeric powder to boils speeds up the healing process. In case of fresh boils, a few dry roots of turmeric are roasted and the ashes dissolved in a cupful of water and applied over the affected portion. These solutions enable the boils to ripen and burst.

Skin disorders: –

Turmeric is very effective in the treatment of skin disease like ringworm and scabies. In such cases, the juice of raw turmeric is externally applied to the affected parts. Simultaneously, turmeric juice mixed with honey should be taken orally.

Pain in breasts: –

Applying paste of turmeric, rubbed on stone, on the affected part eliminates pain.

Dental problems: –

Rinsing the mouth with turmeric water (boil 5 GMS of turmeric powder, 2 clove and 2 dried leaves of guava in 200 GMS water) give instant relief.
Massaging the aching teeth with roasted ground turmeric eliminates pain and swelling.
Applying the powder of burnt turmeric piece and bishops weed seed on teeth and cleaning them makes the gums and teeth strong

Poison of insect bite: –

Applying the mixture of turmeric powder and lime over the affected part nullifies the toxic effect. Turmeric is an indispensable culinary ingredient. It imparts a musky flavor and yellow colour to curries and foodstuffs. It is also used as colouring matter in pharmacy, confectionery, cosmetic and food industries. Thus, this yellow herbs leads us to a golden healthy life and all the above curative properties of Turmeric is available in the form of turmeric capsules.

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