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Gold Ash Powder – Natural Cure


Gold Ash Powder
– The “Golden Medicine” –

Gold Ash Powder is a product well suited to individuals beginning to open to higher consciousness, self-healing, and a path of spiritual transformation.
Gold Ash Powder contains electromagnetic frequency and wave patterns that raises the vibrations of the natural energy fields and chakra centers of the body.The Discovery of Gold Ash Powder is significant and profound. Also known as white gold powder, it is here to assist those who are attracted to it in their transformation process and spiritual path.
This very sacred powder is from a trace mineral deposit caused by a meteorite implosion. Gold Ash Powder includes the monatomic elements of gold, iridium, rhodium, silver, platinum and chromium, also called ORMUS or ORMES.

Reported Benefits from Gold Ash Powder

  • Enhanced mental clarity and focus
  • Positive emotions and greater sense of inner peace
  • Increased intuitive powers and sixth sense stimulation
  • Greater insights into self and life situations
  • Ability to deal with stressful situations from a higher perspective
  • Deeper prayer and meditative states
  • Enhanced and/or lucid dreams
  • Accelerated manifesting and serendiptiy
  • Greater creativity
  • Right/Left brain balance
  • Feelings of expansion and access to higher Universal knowledge

The ancients believed this substance would facilitate extraordinary life-spans, and cure many diseases by allowing the body to operate as close to perfection as possible. We would say today that it would vastly increase the ability of each cell to conduct electrical impulses, almost like a high performance re-wiring job for the entire body.
Most customers report feeling the effects of Gold Ash Powder almost immediately. The senses become enhanced. Visualizations and audio signals are usually intensified during meditation. Some may not feel anything for several days, and some may not feel anything at all. But regardless of whether you FEEL Gold Ash Powder or not, it is having an effect, as observed. In the months ahead, with conscious observation of your life, you will notice a change for the better as it opens your light body and allows the gifts of the universe to come into your life.

The main properties and recommended use of GOLD ASH:

1. General, positive influence on the cellular level and on the functions of the organ systems.
2. Activation of the vital cellular processes, thus, positively influencing all body systems.
3. Optimization of neurotransmission impulses and increase of hormonal balance.
4. Rebuilding of nerve connections in the brain structure.
5. Optimization and balance psychosomatic state of the body.
6. Blocking of radial elements, protecting body from stress exposure.
7. Facilitates intuitive body responses to environmental stresses.
8. Helps to protect and renovate cells of the nerve system.
9. Activates detoxification processes including myco-toxins.
In short GOLDASH is a highly potent substance. it has the power to enter every cell of the body. It removes unwanted substances toxins etc. and replaces all what is needed.
Gold Ash Powder(GAP) is a universal and unique remedy, which on one hand is used to strengthen and preserve physical and psychical health as well as well being and harmony. On the other hand it is able to improve significantly or even heal serious diseases (like i.e. cancer, AIDS etc.)
The regular intake of this medicine guarantees a considerable raise of physical well being and strengthens the entire organism and immune system, which means the four elementary energies, the water energy, the air energy, the earth energy, and the energy of fire. Superfluous and harmful energies as or substances and slag will be dissolved by GAP and are discharged over the intestinal system.
Side effects or over doses are not possible – comparable with the use of homeopathic medicines. GAP has the property to readjust the unwanted consequences caused by an unbalance of the elementary energies in the body, it is able to solve food poisons and slag out of the body, it relaxes the exhausted nerve system and is capable to dissolve cholesterol clotting and other substances in veins and arteries. It also heals diseases of the lungs, liver, heart, kidney, digestive organs and the urinary organs. The medicine is capable to neutralize poisons and acids and furthermore it can strengthen and vitalize the bones, muscles, sinews and marrows, and also intensifies the visual power.
Gold Ash Powder has become well known all over the world and so people from all continents are now using GAP successfully. There are numerous reports and documented cases of extreme improvements and also complete healing of people, who had very serious diseases and who were able to overcome these illnesses with the help of GAP.
The healing and strengthening effects of GAP is documented and so GAP is both preventive for those who would like to energize and vitalize body and soul to live in harmony and good health and also suitable for the therapeutic use and treatment of already existing acute or chronically diseases.


In Ayurveda, gold is highly regarded for its therapeutic value. Swarna Bhasma(Gold Ash Powder) is an alternative and rejuvenatory tonic that gives strength to even the extremely weak person. It is especially valuable in tuberculosis low grade chronic fevers, neuro muscular weakness and seminal inadequacy. Swarna Bhasma is also cardiac tonic which purifies blood and strengthens heart. It improves intellect, increase sexual power, and stimulates activity of stomach, skin and kidney.


ADULTS – 15 mg. To 60 mg.
CHILDREN – as advised by physician with honey or cream.
Ayurveda is the ancient Indian medical science based on herbs and herbomineral preparations. Bhasma are the metal based medicine prepare from metals after many systematic process to raw metal in to therapeutic form. SWARNA BHASMA (Gold ash) a therapeutic form of gold metal of nano size particles when evaluated through various tools and techniques like AFM (Atomic Forced Microscope),TEM (transmission Electron Microscope), SEM- EDS (Scanning Electron microscope and Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy) it was find that the size of particle are about 56 nm. The SWARNA BHASMA was also analyzed qualitatively also through XRD (X-ray Diffraction), FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy) results showed that the final product is almost pure Au in zero valency state.


Put the content of one capsule GAP into 500 ml honey, stir for about one hour with a wooden stick or spoon and then wait for 24 hours. 500 ml of GAP honey mix correspond to 100 small teaspoons.

Prevention and strengthening

In the morning: 1 small teaspoon after breakfast
In the evening: 1 small teaspoon before sleeping

Beginning diseases

In the morning: 2 small teaspoons after breakfast
In the evening: 3 small teaspoons before sleeping
For a health treatment take GAP for 40 days
Duration: 40 days. 200 small teaspoons.

Acute diseases

In the morning: 3 small teaspoons after breakfast
In the evening: 4 small teaspoons before sleeping
For a health treatment take GAP for 60 days
Duration: 57 days.

Chronic diseases

In the morning: 5 small teaspoons after breakfast
In the evening: 5 small teaspoons before sleeping
For a health treatment take GAP for 100 days
Duration: 100 days. 1000 small teaspoons


Put the honey in hot water and take care that someone can relieve You from agitation. If You have several capsules, enhance the amount of honey and agitate all the GAP-capsules together.


Drink at least 2 ltr. of water each day
GAP will solve lots of toxic substances in the body. Therefore it is necessary to drink twice a week a special diuretic tea to stimulate kidney activity.
Once a week a light laxative must be taken to purify the body and gastric system
During a health treatment with GAP, We expect our patients

with beginning diseases:

not to drink alcohol
not to smoke
to do daily meditation

with acute diseases:

not to drink alcohol
not to smoke
to do daily meditation
not to watch television

with chronic diseases:

not to drink alcohol
not to smoke
to do daily meditation
not to watch television
not to have sex

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I must admit that I am extremely satisfied with this Gold Ash Powder effects on me personally. I have used this Gold Ash Powder for over a year now. My smokers skin has been gradually replaced by soft, yet tough skin that does not tear or bruise like before , and it heals quickly. My muscles have grown strong. I now have the energy and ability of a thirty year old man, again. Every time I look in a mirror, I marvel at how much younger I appear , because this has literally taken most of my facial wrinkles and my gray hairs away. Gold Ash Powder has changed me for the better. I use just 4 drops a day of this product , and it has restored my health , my youth ,and my life!

Dave C.

I have been taking Gold Ash Powder for about 2 months now, and it has given me a positive aggression I have never known in my life before. I also think much clearer and have more ready answers for things asked of me. I have increased energy, a more positive frame of mind, and the ability to read faster than previously. I will keep taking it, thank you for bringing us such a product!

C. in Nevada

I had been taking your Gold Ash Powder for a little over a year. I have switched to the platinum for a time, to test it. I found that it gave me much the same effects as the Gold Ash Powder, only they were more pronounced. These effects are, more energy, quicker thinking, better coping skills, with less nervousness, and a much broader interest span than usual. I have also noticed that I can now talk with others about politics and such things, when before, it was out of my realm of understanding. It’s great!

Will G. Kansas

The skin on my cheeks was beginning to look like ‘orange peel’ which is how my 83 year mother’s skin is. However, since taking Gold Ash Powder everyone is commenting that my skin is looking fresher and younger, the ‘orange peel’ dimply texture is smoothing out and – my lines are disappearing. My energy levels have also increased. I work 10 – 12 hours a day and yet, since taking white powder gold I am feeling great energy wise and everyone comments on how much energy I have.
So thank you for this fantastic product”

– Jeannie, London

I just want to say that I have definitely noticed the alchemists noted ‘spiritual’ transformation. It has provided me with mental clarity and a healthy energy field which has helped produce strength and focus. I very much recommend pairing it with a health-conscious attitude and diet. This Gold Ash Powder works! Keep it going and thanks again!!

– Michael

Started taking white powder gold for better energy and focus and it did do that, but to my surprise also my migraines decreased a lot . It was after 2 weeks that I noticed that I haven’t had a head ache for the past week and I have been dialing with this for 20 years, life is great with no head aches and to me it is worth it’s weight in gold not to have migraines and taking 6-9 aspirins in one day to get the migraine under control. I’m not saying that they 100 % gone but the ones I have had are mild 1 or 2 aspirins and it’s gone
I thank the Heavenly Father and you at Gold Ash Powder

Todd Boat Designer

Just a note as to a physical response to application of the Gold Ash Powder suspension. I am a diabetic of 26 years, and as with most diabetics, occasionally I have a fungus that appears under my nails. It is almost impossible to get rid of. I had been treating a nail on my hand with a solution, and it was not responding, as usual. When I got the Gold Ash Powder, I thought, why not put a drop under the nail? I did so. In a few minutes, a white powdery substance had covered the nail tip. I left it there, and forgot it. I also forgot to continue using the fungicide. In a few days, I remembered to look at the nail. The discoloration of the fungus under the nail was lighter in color. That was unusual. In a week now, the fungus is nearly gone. This is very unusual in my experience, and I cannot explain it, of course. Just thought you might want to know, for your information files.

Rev. Dr.

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